Pretty summer palette – cornflower blue & peach

Summer weddings sparkle under light colour palettes, with pastel pinks and yellows giving a sunny backdrop to your day. I’ve fallen for cornflower powder blue this summer and teamed with peach to give it a lift I think this palette is simply divine. Fresh, light and elegant there are so many ways of using this pretty pastel palette to boost the summer vibes, whilst steering away from the traditional blush pink we see throughout the summer. Plus, you’re already sorted for your ‘something blue’! Here’s some cornflower blue and peach inspiration to spark some ideas of your own.


Blue hydrangea, peach roses and tulips are all gorgeous choices, but you can intersperse  them with white daisies, ranunculus, thistles and green foliage to break up the colours. Ribbons are a great way of incorporating your wedding colour palette into your bridal bouquet, whatever your choice of colour!

Pretty summer palette - cornflower blue & peach
Image far right – Anna Kardos Photography


Pure white with fresh flowers or coloured fondant, these dainty colours work perfectly within a wedding cake! We love a splash of metallic, so why not add a gold band or topper?

blue peach cakes


A pretty blue tablecloth is an ideal background for your tables. You can then layer up the colours, or keep it simple. I adore the peach glasses and simple green runner below.

Pretty summer palette - cornflower blue & peach
Image right – Peaches & Mint

What you wear

If you’ve longed to wear an alternative dress to a traditional white wedding gown, a pale blue is such a pretty colour to choose. It works with white if you want to soften or layer the colour within your skirt, or you can really go for it and make a splash with a beautiful blue dress. Maybe put your bridesmaids in white instead? It looks like Valentino made these shoes for this feature! Perfectly matching your wedding colour palette, these blue and peach Rockstuds would look beautiful peeping out from under a bridal gown!

Pretty summer palette - cornflower blue & peach
Image right – Isabelle Selby Photography


Do you choose blue? Or opt for peach? If your wedding decor and flowers are predominantly one colour, choose the opposite for the hue of your bridesmaids’ dresses. Or why not mix and match? Lots of brides choose different styles or necklines for their girls to wear, so why not totally different colours?! There are no rules!

Pretty summer palette - cornflower blue & peach
Image right – Belle and Beau Photography

blue and peach dresses 2


It’s a good idea to choose a neutral or base colour – if you’re having an outdoor wedding, go green or wooden brown. If you’re inside you might like to add a vintage, tarnished silver or white. Layering up colours with your neutral base colour gives a common theme or thread that runs through your wedding flowers, decor and tables. Use coloured chiffons and cloths to give big blocks of colour, and don’t be afraid of patterns.

blue peach decor

And it doesn’t have to stop there! Peach drinks, blue velvet seats, pearly balloons; the colours are so subtle and soft, they’ll work perfectly in so many ways throughout your wedding day.

If you’re feeling inspired, head over to our colour palettes page for more.