Royal Photographer Hugo Burnand’s Wedding Shoot Tips

Here’s a sweet feature we’ve been saving for a rainy day… A few weeks ago at Brides The Show, we were completely charmed by 60 Years of Brides: The Exhibition. Curated by renowned photographer, Hugo Burnand, whose quarter-century long career has taken him from Tatler to photographing the royal family, the exhibition was full of beautiful wedding shots from the last 60 years. Peppered throughout the gorgeous and historical photography, were Burnand’s little pearls of wisdom for optimising your own wedding photography. From poses to props, we loved all of Hugo’s advice and took some snaps to bring them to you. All the captions are pictured below, but here are a few of our favourites:

  • Stand By Your Man – Your groom shouldn’t look like an ‘extra’. Be sure to dedicate shots to you both.
  • You Can’t Fake Real Love! … Don’t be afraid to be yourselves in front of a photographer.
  • Make Your Own Tradition – … Ask your grandmother or mother: “Is there something that we can do on our big day that you did at your own wedding?” Be creative!
  • You Don’t Need A Face In Every Shot – … you’ve paid for beautiful flowers, so feature it!
  • Know When To Look At The Camera (and when not to) – If it’s all ‘eyes to the camera’, then you feel unable to look at anything else.
  • Use Your Assets – If there is stunning architecture or beautiful, natural light available, use it!
  • Include a Few In-Car Shots – … the lighting is always interesting because it comes in from two sides. Plus it’s a very happy moment!
  • Veils Can Create Fantastic Pictures – …especially when they go wrong! If the wind catches them, it creates a unique, theatrical picture. Let nature come into the image.
  • Move, Move, Move – Not only does movement bring shots to life but it brings you to life! Still images have their place but mix it up with some vibrant action shots.