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The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration


Great Gatsby Wedding: With Great Gatsby fever reaching boiling point, have you ever thought wouldn’t it be great if Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby got married?

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Unfortunately, their wedding did not happen in the movie but Perfect Events decided to make their concept a reality by planning and styling Daisy and Jay’s make believe wedding!

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Perfect Events owned by Nicole Adeyale a luxury wedding planner and creative stylist got to work carefully selecting amazing vendors, the perfect venue and models to collaborate with to bring her vision to reality.

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Namely, highly acclaimed Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium who produced the most exquisite dessert table, a delightful mix of cakes and treats, which taste as amazing as they look!

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11 - The Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

The shoot captured beautifully by multi award-winning Andy Griffin Photography was held at Down Hall a historic Country House, in Hertfordshire/Essex countryside, which dates back to 1540 when it was sold by Henry VIII to a William Glascock.

The breath-taking vintage dresses and bridal accessories from Rocky My Vintage Dress, venue décor by Mediterranean Occasions are out of this world, as with the vintage Rolls Royce from Lord Cars and hair and makeup by Bespoke Occasions and all of the other elements in the shoot!


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