Swags and Sashes to Decorate Your Wedding with Style

Swags and Sashes to Decorate Your Wedding with Style

Any wedding venue is going to look more appealing when decorated to your own particular taste and, even just a centrepiece of flowers along the dining table is going to add atmosphere to the location. Providing arrays of fresh blooms throughout the room is particularly appealing, making a fragrant entrance for guests arriving at the wedding reception. Flowers are always an appealing and key ingredient to decorating any venue, but how do you decorate your wedding venue with style? You can always decorate the chairs with swags and sashes, provide individualised wedding favours; these are all tried and tested ways to decorate your wedding venue with style.

Swags and Sashes
Swags and Sashes

Chair Sashes and Bows

Chair bows always make a room look special and adding bows to chairs doesn’t need to cost the earth. Bows are usually made from tulle or from organza; usually, some kind of satiny-look material that keeps its shape well when tied. To make each bow you need the material to be approximately 22cm wide, in 3-metre lengths. Materials, such as organza, have a right side that is shinier than the underside, so you need to be aware of this when you are preparing the chair bows. Tulle, however, is easier to use as it doesn’t have a right or wrong side right roll as being cheaper to purchase than organza. Tulle is 1.4 metres wide and comes in rolls of 3, 12 or 120 metres.

wedding reception in Ravello
wedding reception in Ravello

To make the bows for the chair you need to split the tulle in half lengthways so that you have a width of 0.7metres which is more than sufficient to gather up for an effective bow. A length of 3 metres is more than enough to tie around the back of the chair and gather up into an attractive bow.  After tying the bow you will be left with enough tulle to form into streamers. This can be achieved by using plenty of spray starch to hold the tulle in the shape you require.

Draping Tables

Bring the essence of romance to life with tables draped with tulle. The effect is particularly dramatic when you drape tulle across all the tables, including the head table, cake table and each guest tables, as well as any other tables that might catch the eyes of the guests. Dressing tables up with tulle looks particularly effective if you are using white linen table cloths draped over tulle is chosen to match the main colour scheme chosen for the theme of the wedding.

If you are decorating the banqueting table, try running lengths of tulle along the length of the table, bunched up at intervals with ribbons to match the wedding colours. You can always scatter confetti along the length to dress the table up; rose petals or glitter look good as well or even the little dolly mixture sweets trailed along the table.


There really is so much you could do to decorate your wedding venue with style. Flowers and candles are always useful props. Rich looking fabrics are always useful for draping for effect, finished off with tassels that you may be able to borrow for the day from a relative’s window tie-backs. A final little tip to decorate your wedding venue with style, buy a selection of fresh rose buds, remove the sharp bits on the stem and then cut the stem down so that it is quite short. Now for the individual bit – slip a rosebud inside each guest’s napkin which then needs to be folded intricately and placed on each guest’s place mat. I am sure this charming little touch will be greatly appreciated by all the guests at your wedding.

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