Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding Menu

Hunter VIII Hunter caters for every culinary requirement, from the canapé reception to the wedding breakfast and evening buffet. Head Chef Nicole Richardson – who has cooked for a host of A-listers from Stephen Fry to the Prime Minister – can create an array of dishes from timeless classics to the new and innovative.


The organisation’s team of wedding planners work collaboratively with the couple to help organise every aspect of the special day right down to the favours and flowers.

The Hunter VIII Hunter team’s inimitable style and flair has set them apart as the next generation of British caterers. They live for a good party and through their individual inspirations and joint love of art, fashion and music, they combine to construct thought provoking and fun wedding events that speak to all five senses.

Wedding Menu Tips

Food has long been intertwined with some of the happiest moments in our lives. Those planning a wedding will know it’s an integral part of the big day and creating a unique menu that showcases both partner’s personalities is one of the greatest way to give back to guests and ensure a memorable day. Your wedding menu will not only fuel the wedding party (quite literally), but will also add personality and style to the soiree.

Co-Founder and Executive Chef Nicole Richardson has put together her top tips for creating the perfect wedding menu:

Buffet or BBQ?

Whether you decide to celebrate with a sit-down meal, a buffet, cocktail party or BBQ style event; choosing a wedding meal style is the first important decision you’ll make and all of your food and drink choices will cascade naturally from it. Other factors to consider when selecting a wedding menu style are the group size and the cost, as both will impact your final decision.

Flavours & Ingredients

Work with your chosen wedding caterer to find out what ingredients are in season in the run up to your big day, choosing seasonal ingredients will ensure your wedding food is as fresh as possible. Attend tastings prior to the big day and ensure your menu selections are exactly how you envisaged.


Make It Your Own

Often couples can overlook the personal side of wedding menu planning but sharing the story of your relationship through dishes inspired by special moments, memories or things you love to do together can add a thoughtful element to the day. Is there a food that you both love, or maybe a first date cooking experience that went terribly wrong but you both still ate? If so, incorporate it tastefully into your menu for guests to enjoy too – it’s a great talking point!


A Feast For The Senses

It’s well known that we eat with our eyes long before the food touches our lips, and there is no better way to amplify your wedding food choices than with garnishes and finishing touches designed to wow. It’s important to work with a caterer who cares as much about presentation as they do about tastes.

Allergies & Intolerances

Unless you know everyone’s dietary requirements and there is nothing too complicated, go with the option of sharing platters or a buffet to keep everyone happy. Try keeping spicy food and condiments separate so that guests can add as much or as little as they like. Do not pick boring vegetarian dishes as there will most likely be at least one vegetarian guest and they will have had endless goat cheese tarts! Ensure your caterer has an array of great vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options so no one feels left out.


Once you’ve decided on the menu style and the dish types to serve on your special day, it’s important to ensure that you are working with a trusted team to deliver your dream wedding party. At Hunter VIII Hunter we never use agency staff, working with only the best and most trusted individuals. We hand-pick each member of the team to fit the exact brief and believe that through treating our staff well we can properly support our wider team and provide clients with the best experience possible.

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