5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wine For Your Wedding

Weddings are such a big occasion and there is no denying that they take an awful lot of planning and preparation and one of the biggest areas that requires a little forethought is that of the food and drink that you serve on the big day.

Almost every wedding will have wine served during the day at various different points (typically after the ceremony, during the meal and to toast the bride and groom) and choosing wine for the day can be a little daunting.

Well, fear not, as our 5 top tips for choosing wine for your wedding will hopefully steer you in the right direction and ensure that all your guests appreciate the thought and planning that has gone into the day as a whole.

So, let’s get started with our top 5 tips!

Wine for your wedding
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Wedding Wine Tip 1 – Red or White Wine?

When you want to buy wine online or in wine merchants, one of your first considerations will undoubtedly be whether you want red or white. Well, the same is true when you are choosing wine for weddings. This choice will invariably come down to personal preference and possibly even wedding theme but a good rule of thumb is to consider a pinot grigio if you fancy a white wine and perhaps a pinot noir if you are heading down the red wine route. A lot of weddings today tend to offer both red AND white wine at their weddings to accommodate for the different tastes of their guests.

Wedding Wine Tip 2 – How Much to Spend?

The amount that you spend on wine for your wedding will obviously depend on the number of guests that you plan to invite. However, most estimates suggest that you should aim to supply around half a bottle of wine per guest so, for example, if you’re planning to invite 50 guests that would equate to 25 bottles of wine.

Wedding Wine Tip  3 – Buy Your Wine in Bulk

It is clear that you will require a large quantity of wine when planning for a wedding and it is a good idea to buy wine in bulk, either online or from a UK wine merchant, as this will invariably work out cheaper than opting for individual bottles. Buying cases of wine will often result in a discount from the wine merchant you opt to go with and help you to reduce the overall cost of catering the wedding.

Wedding Wine Tip 4 – Which Wine Region to Choose?

We’ve already established that it is a good idea to try and offer a few different types of wine at a wedding to help ensure there is something suitable for every guest but it is often a good idea to consider the less mainstream regions when picking wedding wine. For example, countries like Chile, Australia and Argentina all offer fantastic wines which are often not as expensive as their more mainstream counterparts such as France, Spain and Italy.

Wedding Wine 5 – Consider the Personal Touch

A lot of brides and grooms are opting to add a little personal touch their wedding by personalising their wine for their big day. This could be something as simple as serving the wine that the bride and groom drank on their first date or, for a bit more of a personal touch, the actual labels of the wine bottles themselves could be personalised to fit in with the theme of the day.