Top 10 Most Desirable Make-Up Looks That Include Kate Middleton

New research out today reveals that 83 per cent of Brits prefers a ‘natural and warm’ make-up appearance inspired by the likes of Kate Middleton as opposed to one that is ‘dramatic and sexy’ like Kate Moss (6 per cent).

One in 10 (nine per cent) British women also voted royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton as having one of the makeup looks they would most love to replicate, beating fellow future bride and notable style queen Kate Moss – who didn’t even rank in the top 10.

Kate Middleton's makeup

The research, by QVC – one of the world’s leading television and online retailers – revealed Sienna Miller (15 per cent) and Natalie Portman’s (14 per cent) make-up styles are the top two looks British women want to copy, closely followed by elegant Dame Helen Mirren (11 percent), all of whom favour a very natural and soft appearance in terms of make-up application. Smokey eyed Kate Moss, however, who has made a living from her looks and style influence, received less than one per cent of Brits’ votes from over 1000 women polled; a long way behind Kate Middleton.

It’s not just the future queen’s makeup that is inspiring a legion of copy-Kate’s across the country.  14 per cent of women also named Kate Middleton as one of the top female style icons of today, second only to Harry Potter star Emma Watson.  This is supported by the well-documented spectacle of Brits snapping up replicas of everything Kate Middleton wears – from her Burberry trench coat and blue Issa dress to copies of her engagement ring (which led to an overnight sales surge of 800 per cent on a QVC Diamonique ring that looked remarkably similar).  By comparison, Kate Moss’ style influence was just three per cent.

Sue Leeson from QVC commented: “The research makes it evident that British women are finding the once influential ‘Kate Moss look’ far less appealing and choosing to embrace Kate Middleton’s classic style, Sienna Miller’s sun-kissed skin and Natalie Portman’s flawless face instead.

This is backed up by what our sales tell us as muted colours and natural make-up brands continue to grow year on year.”

“We are constantly monitoring the newest trends to give our customers the products and expert advice they need to achieve the latest looks.  When you shop with QVC you don’t just buy the product, you get valuable inside knowledge and advice about how to apply it.”

Top 10 most desirable make-up looks were revealed as being:
1. Sienna Miller  – 15 per cent
2. Natalie Portman – 14 per cent
3. Helen Mirren – 11 per cent
4. Katie Holmes – 10 per cent
5. Kate Middleton – 9 per cent
6. Tess Daly – 8 per cent
7. Penelope Cruz – 7 per cent
8. Nicole Scherzinger – 5 per cent
9. Kate Hudson – 4 per cent
10. Meryl Streep – 4 per cent
(Other = 13 percent)

To support the results of the poll, QVC has filmed an online tutorial with resident beauty expert and makeup artist Alison Young to demonstrate how you can create Kate Middleton’s natural beauty look at home, using well known Kate Middleton lookalike Kate Bevan as the model. The online video tutorial can be viewed at