Top UK And International Wedding Videographers

It’s your big day, and you are finally getting married to the love of your life. We all know how much hard work goes into preparing a wedding. You must organise everything to the last detail, from the music to the food and decorations, ensuring everything is perfect.

On your big day, you should be able to dance the night away and celebrate with all your loved ones whilst enjoying everything you put together to have the perfect wedding day. What best than to have everything you put together and all your wonderful and most memorable moments recorded? That is where a videographer is needed.

The Videographer will capture every moment of your special day and edit it for one of the most beautiful films you have ever seen and can pass on from generation to generation. We have found the best videographers that you can choose from for your big day.

Denee Motion Boutique Wedding Films

The Denee Motion Boutique is a team of highly experienced cinematographers and photographers that consult with the couple and have everything ready on your big day. They take care of lighting, photography and planning beforehand to capture all moments to the smallest detail so you won’t forget a thing when looking back at it. They develop a documentary of you and your partner and create a stunning, timeless film filled with unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


Vic Rivero

Vic Rivero is an experienced and dedicated wedding filmmaker with ten years of experience in the field. They have a deep understanding and the best technological expertise in photography and filmmaking. They will, without a doubt, do a fantastic job at filming and editing every moment with an amazing result for you to enjoy.


Bloomsbury films

The Bloomsbury Film Studio is the perfect choice for photo shoots, wedding ceremonies, nuptials and hen parties. They come with their superb cameras and their lighting setups ready to capture every exciting moment from your upcoming event and edit it together after speaking to you about how you would like your film to be and end up with the most stunning film featuring you and your loved ones on the most special day of your life.


Juno Wedding Films

Juno Wedding films tell the stories of people and places without focusing on just one day. Through their films, they capture each moment before your nuptials till after your celebrations, taking in every moment of your love story. They create bespoke, emotional, luxurious, crafted films that uniquely highlight each person. At Juno Weddings, they take great care and time when creating and producing wedding stories for their clients. They travel around with the couple documenting everything and everyone during their most touching and unforgettable moments.


HD Moments

HD Moments is an outstanding choice for your big day. They produce the highest quality videos and have the best professional approach. They set up everything on your big day, including lighting and sound checking, to ensure they capture your most memorable day through every angle and not miss a second. With HD Moments, you will receive a precious film filled with positive and lovely moments with your loved ones.


Story Of Your Day

Story Of Your Day is an acclaimed luxury destination wedding film brand delivering highly-curated wedding films for discerning clients who share a vision and passion for storytelling. At Story Of Your Day, they want to redefine wedding films, change how they’re perceived, and, in doing so, offer something unique and exceptional to their clients. Their clients don’t just want a wedding film; their story is told in a soulful, authentic, timeless cinematic film. When you commission Story Of Your Day, it’s because you share this same belief – more than just buying a ‘product’, you’re investing in an ‘experience’.

  • Awards: 2021 LUXLife Best Luxury Destination Wedding Videographer
  • Featured in Style Me Pretty | Tatler | LUXLife | Bridelux Hub | Rangefinder | BBC
  • Link: +44 7973 459058 +41 79 927 1262

Lights and Magic wedding stories

At the Lights and Magic weddings, videography is more than just covering events. For them, it is about capturing and sharing every memorable moment with the newlyweds. They provide premier quality video coverage that captures the magic from your special event and provides a very well-presented video and an excellent film to watch with your loved ones in the coming years.


Moss Wedding Films

For your upcoming wedding, choosing Moss wedding films to cover your big day is a guaranteed choice that you will receive the most brilliant results. The man behind the cameras is Sam, an excellent photographer/videographer who created Moss Films and has captured some of the most loving and memorable moments and hundreds of weddings.  He is an award-winning wedding filmmaker covering weddings throughout the UK and destination weddings. He takes great care in covering every special moment of your wedding day. He emphasizes every detail whilst producing a stunning, timeless and elegant cinematic wedding film for you and your loved ones to enjoy in years to come.


Muse Motion Pictures

The Muse Team put all their experience and skills into their film while offering a full production service from art directing and location scouting to help you on your big day. Their team will collaborate with your creative team to have the best result and capture each moment through their lenses. They take everything you say and write it down to be aware of what angles you want your wedding film to take, and you have the final result of your dreams.


RL Films Co

RL Films Co. will document your wedding discreetly and cover every angle. They take small cameras to surprise all your guests and capture the rawest and most authentic moments without anyone realising that they are films. They want to capture your big day on camera without the feeling of your wedding day being interrupted whilst creating timeless and modern films, leaving your wedding film to look just as good in 20 years. RL films can’t wait to listen to your love story and plans and to create a fantastic wedding film together.


Blue Ridge Wedding Videography

At Blue Ridge Wedding Videography, they strive to make a difference from the usual wedding videos and have a unique style. They are very cautious in taking everything you want to be featured on film and documenting it most elegantly and timelessly. Their wedding films are produced with their award-winning creative flair and ensure that the memories from your big day are captured in the most beautiful way possible.


Choosing a videographer is a critical task as they will be the ones to document everything on your big day and, before that, create the most touching film you and your partner will ever watch. We hope the above list has guided and helped you choose an excellent videographer to capture every detail of your wedding that you put together so elegantly and create an outstanding film for you and your loved ones to enjoy forever.

The Top 20 Question to ask a Videographer

  1. How long have you been a wedding videographer?
  2. Can you show us samples of your previous wedding videos?
  3. How would you describe your videography style?
  4. What type of equipment do you use?
  5. Do you work with a team, or are you a solo videographer?
  6. How many hours of coverage do you typically offer?
  7. How do you capture audio during the ceremony and reception?
  8. Do you offer drone footage or other aerial shots?
  9. Will you be able to provide us with a final edited video?
  10. How long will it take to receive our final edited video?
  11. Will we have input on the final editing process?
  12. Do you charge for additional edits or revisions?
  13. How do you handle music licensing for our wedding video?
  14. Are you familiar with our wedding venue?
  15. Do you have liability insurance?
  16. Do you have backup equipment in case of technical difficulties?
  17. What is your cancellation policy?
  18. How far in advance do we need to book your services?
  19. Do you require a deposit?
  20. What sets you apart from other wedding videographers?

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