Vera Wang Bride Fall 2016 Collection

A most rebellious and beautiful era of modern bridal wear is upon us. We just love the new Vera Wang Bride Fall 2016 Collection

Earlier this year we saw Vera Wang’s new direction with her gothic, delicate Spring 2016 line; spiderweb style lace, translucent silk, and fluttering ostrich feathers in luminous white accented with matte black finishes made for a dramatic line of modern gowns. Now we have the Fall 2016 collection too, a natural evolution from the lighter, ‘barely there’ spring dresses into more plush creations, with bountiful layers of silk and rich passimentarie detailing. There’s a subtle ‘80s nod in the shorter, tutu style hemlines of some of the gowns, and hints of the glamorous pre-grunge New York vibe of Madonna in the ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ era. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that if Susan had decided to settle down and get married, she would have been wearing one of these dresses (but the film wouldn’t have been quite the same).

We can rely on Vera Wang to be a trailblazer when it comes to bridal collections, and the fall 2016 collection is far from mainstream. This is a true haute couture collection, befitting the boldest, most unconventional brides – who aren’t afraid to bare some flesh.

Below we have the entire Fall 2016 look book. It’s guaranteed to set pulses racing, and not for the fainthearted…

All images courtesy of Vera Wang