Groom trends for 2016

What are the luxury groom trends for 2016? Taj from Scabal fills us in.

The 2015 UK wedding season has come to an end, and now it is time for couples to start looking forward to what is new, and the key bride and groom trends for 2016. Happily, we have a brilliant guest blog this week, from Taj at the world renowned tailors, Scabal, who offers us his insight into what the luxury groom will be wearing in 2016…

Scabal Menswear
Scabal Menswear

Decisions, Decisions!

What tie should the groom, best man, and groomsmen wear? Morning coat or suit? Two piece or three piece? So many questions! This modern day groom’s dilemma can prompt hours of research for today’s groom, as he has become more concerned about fashion on the big day than in years past.

From the James Bond style tux, to David Beckham’s mammoth wardrobe of luxurious suits, celebrities, films and media coverage all encourage today’s groom to be kitted out in a lovely, well-fitted suit that will make him feel like he is the star of the show – and with this have mountains of confidence!

In 2015 we saw many grooms wearing beautiful shades of blue. From lighter hues to stronger cobalt tones – blue was definitely the most popular colour for grooms, both for UK and destination weddings. With all the men’s SS16 shows exhibiting green to be popular for 2016, will the modern day groom be fashion conscious and follow the trend?  Regardless, is safe to say that cobalt blue will be around for at least another year, and how the groom wears his suit and accessories it comes down to personal preference.

Shoes for grooms

The wedding shoe is something of a statement for brides, and should also be for grooms. We live in an era of designer branding, for example the iconic red sole that signifies a Christian Louboutin creation has helped the brand become a super power in bridal footwear, overtaking brands such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik in recent years.

A bride walking down the aisle flashing a hint of Louboutin scarlet on the sole of her feet ensures her outfit exudes designer luxury.

Therefore, for the groom the shoe is equally important but he needn’t spend upwards of £500 to purchase lasting elegance. High shine and the right colour are important for a shoe, and a two tone patina is elegant and highly versatile. Patina shoes, perhaps in a combination of black and brown, work really well with blue suits, and help to take a suit from ‘business-like’ to ‘best day of your life’ fashion.

Also, with the current trend of cobalt blue suits, choosing an appropriate shoe colour can become an issue. Thankfully,Andres Sendra is on hand to solve this conundrum with a beautiful collection of two tone patina shoes, in a stunning array of colours and designs. Sendra’s shoes use the best techniques and materials, with a Goodyear welted sole, making this shoethe wedding shoe for 2016.


Accessorising your Suit

As a person who styles clients on a daily basis, and knows what looks good, I always advise that accessorising the suit is as important as the suit itself.


Grooms’ shirts are quite straightforward; you have two options if you are wearing a tuxedo – a Marcella shirt with dress studs, or covered fly front shirt. For suits and morning coats a crisp white poplin shirt allows you to display your tie exquisitely.


The tie finishes the look, and can make or break it! I would never settle for less than the best, and the way a tie knots and the quality of the silk will reflect in a groom’s overall look. To a certain extent, think about the setting of the venue and the table colours et cetera, but only try to match colours if it is a 100% match. If it isn’t, most of the time it will look worse. I always think it is nicer to contrast and compliment – so if baby pink is a wedding colour theme, go for baby blues or pale greens.

Cuff links

Understated is best, but the cuff links are still as important as any other jewellery item so choose something you love.

Pocket square

Lastly, the part that most grooms don’t take too much notice of. The pocket square, or handkerchief, is one the touches that takes a groom from looking ‘nice’ to looking polished and dapper. The best way to fold a pocket square is the simple way; hand rolled edges in a clean white silk. The pocket square is the icing on the cake of a well fitted suit!

Thanks so much to Taj at Scabal, for his expert guide to groom trends for 2016.

Images – courtesy of Scabal, and Andres Sendra