Why not have a vintage style picnic party for your hen-do?

Now that it’s summer, why not have a picnic party for your hen-do? A Most Curious Party can bring along the blankets, bunting, hampers, perfect parasols, cupcakes and afternoon tea sandwiches as well as beautiful read more to serve it on from £15 per hen…


On a scorching day in May, we did just that. The bride to be had no idea so was bowled over when the crafty hens, took off her blindfold to reveal her mad hatter’s style tea party in Regent’s Park. Tears were even shed when the bride saw the custom curious cupcakes adorned with the bride and groom’s initials.

Image Courtesy of A Most Curious Party

As with this party, A Most Curious Party can provide activities such as saucy knicker making or fascinator creating or just bubbly in teapots to get the party started! It’s a lovely, relaxed way to celebrate your passing from a fun loving gal too, well, a fun loving married lady.

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