Themed Wedding Flowers and Gift Ideas

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers is an important part of your big day. The wedding flowers serve as a central part of the decorations; they set the mood and the theme. Before you choose your flowers, you will have to decide on a theme, or at least a color scheme.

Pink Wedding Flowers
Pink Wedding Flowers

The wedding flowers have to match the brides dress, the wedding cake and the bridesmaid’s dresses, as well as the rest of the room’s decor and style.

The season in which the wedding takes place is also an important thing to factor in which the decision of the flowers. If it is summer, you could use vibrant and bright colors of flowers. For an autumn wedding, the colors would be more geared towards brown and red tones.

You can choose a traditional sort of theme, with elegant white and lighter tones of flowers in classic bouquet styles with roses, or you can choose to go more modern, with an unusual and alternative style of bouquet in bold, eye catching colors and a different, unconventional type of flower.

When deciding which flowers to decorate the reception hall with, it is always a good idea to choose the brides bouquet first. This allows you to make the bridal bouquet the central decoration; everything else will work to complement it. The table center pieces and wreaths could all bring back the same colors and flowers as the ones in the bridal bouquet. So choose your bouquet, and you will have yourself a theme to work from.

There are some different shapes of wedding bouquets, the three most well-known and well-used ones include the traditional bouquet, which is shaped like a posy. The second is the shower cascade bouquet, which is shaped a bit like a teardrop. The third is the arm bouquet, which is shaped quite long and angularly, this bouquet is usually rested on the brides arm, rather than being held in the traditional way.

Most brides will not have trouble matching the bouquet to their dress, because more wedding dresses are white or cream colored, which matches pretty much any color of flower. If you do have a non-traditional color of wedding dress, you may have a bit more of a challenge ahead of you.

The groom will need a corset that matches the bride’s bouquet, and the bridesmaids will need to carry flowers which also match the bride’s bouquet. The bridesmaid’s dresses also need to be taken into consideration, as they will need to match both the brides dress and bouquet.

On the other hand, if you are going to a wedding and want to surprise the bride with a fabulous gift, it may be a good idea to find out what the theme of the wedding is before you do your shopping. This will help you to come up with appropriate gift ideas for her.

If you find that the theme will be summer wedding, you could surprise her with great summer gifts for women, such as a gorgeous new bikini which she could wear on her honeymoon, or maybe a set of picnic dishes and utensils to enjoy summer parties and outings. These types of gestures show that you have thought about your gift and it makes your gift for her all the more special.

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