How To Choose Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

When choosing an diamond engagement ring for your sweetheart, there as many options as there are opinions about what the perfect type of engagement ring is. Diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular choice for engagement rings, but even within this category, the choices are endless.

diamond engagement ring

You can find them in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, designs and cuts. The shape and cut of a diamond engagement ring is a matter of opinion, and what some may find attractive, others may detest. For this reason, it is important to find out what your finance will appreciate. Eternity rings are often a very popular choice of engagement ring.

The quality of diamond engagement ring:

The quality of diamond engagement ring can vary, but with the right shape and cut, any imperfections in the diamond can be skilfully hidden. So try to do your research and find a ring from a reputable jeweller, or if you are going to have one cut, you should make sure the diamond cutter is qualified for the task.

Some of the most common shapes for diamond rings include:

The round brilliant: This shape of diamond is extremely common, as its shape allows it to be used for many different types of jewelry, from necklaces and earrings, to rings and bracelets. The round cut of the diamond makes it very sparkling and brilliant.
The oval shaped diamond: This cut of diamond is very similar to the round brilliant diamond cut, but as the name depicts, the diamond is of a more oval shame, which makes it a bit more elegant in an engagement ring.

The princess cut: This type of diamond has pointed corners with a very square shape overall. These diamonds must be made with high quality diamond crystals which have a good form. For this reason, these rings are a bit pricier than the rounder shapes.

Marquise diamond cut: This stone is an oblong shaped diamond with pointy end. If your finance has longer fingers it is a great choice of engagement ring as it will accentuate the length and elegance of her fingers. The stone is usually quite a bit larger and eye catching, thus also more expensive.

The heart shaped diamond cut: These types of cuts are perfect in an engagement ring, as they symbolize romance and love, which is what you want to depict with your gift to your lover. They will have to be cut by a skilled diamond cutter.

The cushion cut diamond: This is possibly one of the most widely known diamond cuts, and it is also known as the pillow cut diamond. This is because its shape looks somewhat like a cushion, with its combination of square and round shapes. The rounded corners of this cut make is all the more sparkling and brilliant. These diamonds are larger in size, making them a good choice for engagement rings.

The Asscher cut: This type of diamond cut is quite square and has some very rectangular aspects incorporated into it. It is more modern than traditional and it is often favoured by celebrities and those who follow the latest trends.

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