Dare To Bare On The Big Day And Not Worry About Ladders!

Unlock the secret ‘language of leg’s with fashion’s latest secret weapon. Sheer nude tights have never been so on trend thanks to the ‘Duchess effect’: fashion’s new buzz word used to describe the influence the Duchess of Cambridge has on the style of the nation. Rarely seen out of her signature nude tights, the resurgence of this once famous fashion faux pas has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Women are once again daring to bear their legs and to wear glamorous sheer nudes, exposing their legs to more scrutiny than ever before.  British retailers are also reporting sales of sheer hosiery soaring, in some cases by more than a third compared to 2010, showing this trend is no where near slowing down.

Now thanks to Lycra Fusion fibre, an innovative ladder-resistant fibre, women can embrace the trend and step out of the door; confident that their hosiery won’t let them down. Whether you have a crucial meeting at work or a first date, walking into a room with a ladder in your tights leaves even the most confident women on the back foot, and we all know how vital first impressions can be.

Luxury Wedding Underewear
Aristoc Sheer Tights

Invista, the owner of the Lycra  fibre brand, understands more than anyone how valuable a well dressed leg is and the role hosiery plays within this.

To gain further insight the company has collaborated with renowned independent psychologist Honey Langcaster-James on a study to decipher the ‘language of legs,’ helping women understand how legs can be the key to confidence.

“Thinking about the way in which you stand, sit or pose when in a work situation can really help boost your inner confidence and also project a positive image to work colleagues. It can dramatically alter the way you are perceived by colleagues and those around you”, Honey says.

Honey has identified the five most popular and useful poses used at work, and delved into what these poses really say about you and what signals you may or may not be inadvertently giving to your colleagues or those around you, providing psychological insight that means you will never give the wrong impression again.

Demure diva – Legs crossed at the ankle, knees together, very soft and feminine and often a royal pose. This pose says – “It’s nice to meet you”

Go getter – Standing with one leg in front of the other in a strong confident pose. This pose says – “Pay attention because I’m going straight to the top”.

Artfully assertive – Legs crossed at the knees in a traditionally feminine but sexually strong position. This pose says – “I know how to have fun too!”

Networker – Seated with legs slightly to one side, knees and ankles together but not crossed. This pose says – “Let’s talk business”

Confident presenter – Standing with feet hip width apart, toes pointing forwards. This pose says – ““Trust me…I know what I’m talking about”

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