How To Prepare For Wedding in the Rain

The first rains arrived dynamically! The winter may not be the customary month for marriages, but if properly organised and tastefully prepared, a wedding in the rain or even snow can really stand out and be memorable. Indeed, there are numerous wedding rain options and tips you can choose from.

The significant “advantages” of the winter wedding is that it is much easier for the couple to find available dates in churches and venues at such times, as well as prices, which are generally lower. However, your guests will come with more excitement to your wedding, which will note just one of the many in summer but will be the event of the winter.

wedding in the rain
wedding in the rain

Disadvantages of a winter wedding are that the wedding can hardly take place in the ‘open air’ and next to the sea, and is prone to the mood and “games” of the weather since no one dreams drenched dresses and footprints of mud on the dance floor. On the other hand, however, the rain is good luck in marriage, isn’t it so?

Choose wisely the wedding venue; if it is an indoor one, you need to make sure that the church can actually fit all the guests in the interior space as the weather can prove really harsh, and the last thing you want is your guests to get really wet and look terrible in the reception.

An excellent idea for weddings in rain is to get large white umbrellas for the guests, in the case your wedding takes place outside. And maybe a red for the couple. They are excellent accessories and will protect your guests against rain and will give a very pretty and romantic style to your wedding photos. Moreover, you can buy large white tents that will allow you to feel assured that everyone will enjoy the wedding even if it rains.

Since the winter is a very cold time of the year and the rain can prove to be your worst nightmare, avoid strapless dresses, unless you care to dress well, with eco fur and natural colours of white and ice! And if the design of your gown allows it why not accompany it with white boots and a furry purse with floral details instead of a bouquet? Sometimes, even the coldest or ugliest weather can become your ally if you are proactive and think all the details well in advance.

Surely your photos cannot be taken outdoors because of cold and rainy weather! Unless you are lucky and live in an area where it snows often, so you can be really lucky and take some pictures of your wedding in snowy landscape! However, your wedding photography in the rain can also be beautiful, provided that your photographer knows really well what he is doing and can bring the best out of the scenery and the newlywed couple. It is all a matter of art, especially if you consider that rainy weather can provide perfect colours for your pictures.

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