Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Wedding trends: 2019 predictions

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions

New Year’s Day seems like a lifetime ago, but we’re barely into 2019 and already seeing some exciting trends. We’ve been scanning the bridal horizon to bring you our predictions for what’s going to be hot in 2019.

Personalised extras

Sweet bridesmaid dressing gowns and fun jackets are gaining popularity. And we love them! A little piece of your wedding that can be worn afterwards too!

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Personalised pieces


You heard the word here first! Now use it in conversation… Florals combined with balloons are becoming incredibly elegant and chic. Not just for kids’ parties!

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Fun and fragrant


Bridal gown trends will forever be changing, and rightly so. This year we’ll see a steer towards classic and simple dresses, thanks to the influence of a couple of royal weddings last year. Florals have seen the same ‘Meghan factor’ treatment, with simple flowers and plenty of foliage being the display of choice.

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Meghan’s dress inspires designs this year. Images: Theia, Fall 2019; Sunshine Photography

Statement headpieces

The dresses may be simple, but embellished crowns, intricate headpieces and decorated veils add all the detail you need! And thanks to Priyanka Chopra, epic veils are in too!

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Get your head ready! Images: Wedding Storytellers; Crown & Glory


Pockets in wedding dresses were all over the runway in fashion week – comfortable, practical and cute!

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Useful and fun! Images: VuElf; Justin Alexander

Mindful weddings

This year’s buzzword! A lot of couples are opting for plastic free, low impact weddings. Don’t worry, you can still do a five star wedding without harming our planet! Foam free flowers, locally sourced menus and ethical wedding dresses are beautiful choices.

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Be kind to the planet. Images: Eden Hall; Caley Dimmock

Smoky atmosphere

Creating fun, colour or atmosphere in photos is a rising trend. Swirl your wedding colour through your pics, or flash a pop of colour through a natural backdrop. Playing with smoke grenades adds the perfect touch of interest.

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Send in the smoke. Images: The Wedding Story; Brides

Coral – colour of the year

And we can’t do a 2019 prediction without mentioning the Pantone colour of the year – living coral. Pretty, fresh and vibrant, this hue transfers from florals and fragrance to dresses and decor.

Wedding trends: 2019 predictions
Pretty in peach. Image: Essense Designs; Flowers by Sally Ann

We’re excited to see what 2019 holds – keep an eye out for more detail on all these predictions in our 2019 blogs!