Designer Luxury Wedding Dresses

A wedding gown is often one of the most expensive aspects of the day itself. Every bride has a vision of what she wants her dress to look like. She may have even planned it for years. Many brides spend hours in the months before their wedding leafing through wedding magazines. These are often filled with designer wedding dresses which are luxurious and elegant. They are also incredibly expensive, and for a bride who wants the look without the price tag, there are ways to accomplish it.

luxury dresses1Every year new dresses are introduced. Each designer of gowns works hard to present a new selection of original creations year after year. For a bride who is interested in designer wedding dresses she is likely to know what’s new and what’s not. Chances are no one else at the wedding will. For this reason it’s often possible to find a dress from last year’s collection at a fraction of the cost of the new designs. The bride will still look just as stunning, she’ll be wearing a designer label, and she’ll also have more money left to spend on other things.

Typically a few months before the wedding, the bride, her mother, the attendants and a bunch of friends make the rounds at the local bridal boutiques. It’s here that all the females in the bride’s life get their first glimpse of her in her wedding gown. Many women fall in love with the first dress they try on. This is natural as almost every wedding dress looks beautiful. However, it is important to try on many so you can be sure that you’ve found the ideal dress for you. Ask the salesperson to choose both designer wedding dresses and more inexpensive versions so you can have a variety.

Another common occurrence during this traditional wedding dress shopping outing is everyone having a different opinion on what looks best. Many brides want to step away from the stuffy look of a high collar with long sleeves and a train. Instead they tend to find designer wedding dresses that are strapless and off the shoulder more appealing. At the end of the day, the only opinion that really counts is the bride’s. Since it is her wedding day and hopefully it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence, she must choose the dress she falls in love with. After all, she’ll be looking at herself in wedding pictures for years and years to come, so she needs to be happy with her choice.

Once the dress has been chosen and paid for, it will likely need to be altered before the big day. Even designer wedding dresses need a bit of tucking and pulling here and there to make them a perfect fit. Itís advisable to visit the seamstress a month before the wedding and then again a week before for a final fitting. This ensures that on the big day, the dress fits like a glove.