Caroline Castigliano launches her 2011 collection

Watch the following video to hear Caroline talk about her new line, influences and a sneak peek at her 2011/12 bridal and evening wear collections. Internationally renowned designer Caroline Castigliano has launched her exquisite 2011/12 bridal, evening and event wear collection to great acclaim. Famous for her bespoke and made to measure stunning dresses Caroline specialises in classically understated yet contemporary wedding dresses and bridal gowns, she incorporates expert corsetry to create perfectly fitting gowns that enhance the female form.

Caroline Castigliano launches her 2011 collection
Caroline Castigliano launches her 2011 collection.

The following video offers a glimpse of her latest collection with evening wear in an array of navy with black, gorgeous nudes and statement dresses in greens and purples, and catwalk footage featuring romantic bridal gowns of soft tulle and lace. These are followed by Castigliano’s striking signature pieces with structured fishtails and statement organza gowns. Commenting at the collection launch, Caroline Castigliano said: “For the evening wear collection, I wanted to show a cross-section of the evening and party dresses which encapsulate the diversity of the Caroline Castigliano brand. This year’s collection has short dresses that are perfect for a party and slightly more formal occasions, such as Ascot, Henley or a family or friend’s wedding.

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The collection also includes structured, biased and soft floaty gowns. I love designing evening wear; it is expanding my creativity, and the glamour red carpet look is fascinating now.” Caroline added: “My ethos is to design for women who love the style and appreciate beautiful fabrics and quality workmanship. My gowns are simplistic, stylish and luxurious. In 2011/12, my entire inspiration was to continue developing a relaxed glamour collection, a sensual and glamorous look with a casual feel.”