Destination Weddings In Germany

Question; What does Anna & Mikhail (UK), Donna & Thomas (US), Grace & Simon (UK), Arash & Tanja (Switzerland), Dharshika & Alexander (UK), Laura & Mathias (US), Kunal & Oda (UK) and Shayne & Fabian (US) have in common?

The answer, they are all couples who chose to have destination weddings in Germany. What’s that you say? Germany? Yes, indeed Germany and they are just a few of the growing number of couples who have chosen Galeriafotografia International to capture theirs.

There are many reasons for couples to marry in Germany. For some, its close family ties as many expatriates, particularly those from the bustling financial centres of London and Frankfurt has found love at work and come home to marry in front of friends and family. For others, it’s the plethora of beautiful German castles, churches, and villas that make it a wonderful dream come true.

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Arash and Tanja( 2009) Schloss

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 Donna and Thomas (2007) Die Wurzburger Residenz

Germany has very temperate climates during the summer months and is a very versatile country, with mountains in the south (Bavarian Alps) that tower above lush green valleys filled with small hamlets, mountain chalets and quiet villas that beckon those who want something quaint and unique. The southern state of Bavaria is home to many castles including the famed Neu Schwanstein as well as a treasure trove of Baroque churches that will delight your soul.

Not far from Munich in Bavaria, very near to the Austrian city of Salzburg lies the famed Königssee and its triple-concha designed the church, St Bartholomew. Its stucco-work design by Salzburg Master Joseph Schmidt dates back to 1697 and is a terrific place to have a wedding. One of its major highlights is that it can only be reached by boat, so it’s a perfect location for a destination wedding with many out of town guests. We photographed the three-day wedding of Sarah and Christian (US) there at the venerable Steigenberger Hotel in 2007 with fabulous results.

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Sarah & Christian (Königssee) 2007)

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Shayne and Fabian (2010) Burg Schwarzenstein

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Image Courtesy of GaleriaFotografia International

Grace and Simon (2009) Schloss Hotel Bunter Hunde

The entire German state is full of surprises from the Rhine valley, famous for its wines and vineyards, to the Mosel Region that straddles the western border of Germany and France, northward past Hamburg. And for a real treat venture toward the East to the beautiful city of Dresden where the landscape is dotted with castles and staff that cater to your every whim. Yes, Germany is indeed full of surprises!

GaleriaFotografia is led by Derek Bembry (American) and Britta Weber (German) and together they photograph each wedding they book, personally.  They are known for their natural, authentic imagery and quiet way of photographing. There is a natural perception amongst most foreign brides that wedding photography is Germany is horribly entrenched in a conservative plodding fashion. And while this is no longer true, that perception remains. Their style dispels that notion and usually brings on a huge sigh of relief when you find them on the web. They understand the stress of searching for vendors while you are thousands of kilometres away and in a language you don’t understand. So much of what they do involves your trust. Not only that they will capture every moment that’s important to you, but that after the wedding is over, trust that they will follow-up and deliver your final work to you as promised.

GaleriaFotografia invites you to visit their galleries at and especially take a moment to look at their multimedia videos. These are a compilation of still, High definition video and music from one wedding and it shows their versatility, style and each is included with all of the wedding packages. It’s a great way to show your guests who could not be there personally what your day was really like.