Bermuda, Beaches Resort & Spa

Planning to get married or experience a heavenly honeymoon on a secluded tropical island?  Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, Bermuda is THE place to be!  And Bermuda is only 7hrs from London!

Honeymoon in Bermuda

Offering something a uniquely refreshing, this one-of-a-kind resort is ideal for your Big Day where the ceremony can be conducted on a pink sand beach or under the shade of swaying palms overlooking the crystal ocean.  Or why not spend your first “Mr & Mrs” holiday here – its perfect for romantics of all ages!

Marry in Bermuda
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 12763 title=Stunning Roof Top Bermuda src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201007102 Roof Top 1jpg alt=Marry in Bermuda width=795 height=631 ><noscript> Stunning Roof Top Bermuda
Honeymoon in Paradise Bermuda
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 12758 title=Cottage Ocean View Bermuda src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201007304 Cottage Ocean view 1jpg alt=Honeymoon in Paradise Bermuda width=804 height=535 ><noscript> Cottage Ocean View Bermuda
Getting Married Abroad
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 12754 title=Long Bay Beach Bermuda src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201007Long Bay Beach 1jpg alt=Getting Married Abroad width=801 height=632 ><noscript> Long Bay Beach Bermuda

Nestled on a private peninsula with 30 lush, secluded acres to explore, the resort features typically Bermudan cottage-style rooms and suites, four private pink sand  beaches, an acclaimed Ocean Spa and gourmet cuisine.

Tropical Beach Weddings
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 12755 title=Beach Wedding in Bermuda src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201007802 Couple wedding on beach 1jpg alt=Tropical Beach Weddings width=800 height=589 ><noscript> Long Bay Beach Bermuda

The resort has fabulous offers available that inlclude free nights and for honeymooning couples booking a minimum of 7 nights will also receive champagne and fruit basket in the room upon arrival, double moped hire for one day, 40 mins Tension Relief Massage and free access to the Spa Experience Suite on the day of treatment plus a romantic dinner on the beach.

Tropical Beach Weddings
<noscript><img decoding=async class=wp image 12759 title=Private Beach Dining Bermuda src=http5starweddingdirectorycomblogwp contentuploads201007509 Private Beach Dining 1jpg alt=Tropical Beach Weddings width=799 height=554 ><noscript> Private Beach Dining Bermuda

Please contact The Couture Travel Company to discuss your luxury honeymoon.