Glamorous Bridal Shoes By Aruna Seth

Aruna Seth is a shoe designer creating glamorous shoes for brides to wear to weddings. Aruna Seth shoes are well-know for being comfortable due to the plush leather padding in the sole of the foot. Aruna Seth studied footwear design at London College of Fashion. Her shoes are available online and at Harrods. The shoes have been seen on the Red Carpets worn by Pippa Middleton, Kate Hudson and Eve Longoria.

Aruna Seth:

5 Star Weddings: Tell us about your journey as a Shoe Designer from when you began to now?

Aruna Seth: My father has been in the shoe industry for 60 years and I’ve been surrounded by shoes my whole entire life. After seeing my father build up an international shoe industry I wanted to do the same. After a brief stint in the city, I studied at London College of Fashion and then decided to launch the brand in 2009. I spent a year in Italy working with the factories to create a collection on over 40 pairs of shoes! Starting a fashion brand was certainly an adventure.

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5 Star Weddings: Whom do you take your inspiration from?

Aruna Seth: I get inspired by plenty and always have a note-pad at the ready for when an idea comes to mind. I love to travel so I’ll get inspired by this. The Venus shoe is inspired by the Red Carpets, we took inspiration from Celebrities who like wearing super high sexy heels to elongate their legs on the Red Carpets. The glamour of the red carpets! The Candy shoes were inspired by wanting a heel and another signature look to the Aruna Seth brand to establish ourselves in the world of designers alongside Manolo Blahnik.

Aruna Seth:

5 Star Weddings: What was your first pair of shoe like?

Aruna Seth: I don’t remember my first pair of shoes, but I do remember playing with my mother’s shoes in her wardrobe. I remember she had a pair of Ferragamo shoes with a butterfly on the front of the shoes. Maybe this is where I got inspired to create my crystal butterfly shoes which is a very important part of the Aruna Seth collection.

5 Star Weddings: Along with her much talked about dress, Pippa Middleton sported a pair of your heels to the Royal Wedding. How did that come about?

Aruna Seth: We knew Pippa owned a few pairs of our shoes but we had no idea she’d wear them to one of the biggest occasions of the century! I was so happy I screamed with delight at the TV. It was a great moment and really helped the Aruna Seth brand get noticed internationally.

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5 Star Weddings: And thanks to the love from the Royals and everyone throughout Europe, you are opening your first boutique in London. Are you and your team excited?

Aruna Seth: We’re super excited to have our first showroom in London. It is going to be a little haven of shoes where ladies can come and relax. We’re going to make everyone’s experience super special, clients can come and try on shoes, enjoy a cup of tea and get to know the team!

5 Star Weddings: What is your favourite bridal shoe?

Aruna Seth: I am quite a big fan of our butterfly bridal shoe which has become a best-selling pair of shoes. We have created it in over 50 colours to keep up with demand. I hate to name favourite shoes but if I had to name one then it would be the lace butterfly shoes – the lace is so delicate and lovely!

Aruna Seth

5 Star Weddings: What would you advice for a outside, beach and garden wedding?

Aruna Seth: I would advice a pair of lovely flat butterfly ballerinas or a pair of our cerise wedges. Both pairs will add a bit of glamour to an outfit and be practical.

5 Star Weddings: What shoes in your collection do you wear the most?

Aruna Seth: I wear all of them all of the time! I love wearing my butterfly ballerina flats for all day wear. Then a pair of Venus 6inch heels in the evening times for a bit of glamour. I’m looking forward to the Summer because I am going to be wearing our new espadrilles, the first time we’ve had espadrilles in the collection! I’m also partial to our summer sandals, they’re very versatile and a great investment to peoples wardrobes!

5 Star Weddings: What is your idea of the perfect weekend? I love to shoe shop, it’s my hobby as well as my business. I love going to the Harrods shoe floor. I’m excited because they are expanding the Harrods shoe floor so it’s going to take up the whole of the 5th floor of Harrods! We’re going to have our shoes stocked in Harrods then, they’ve promised this!

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5 Star Weddings: Which is your favourite pair (or holds sentimental value) and why?

Aruna Seth: I am particularly fond of the butterfly crystal heel. I created this signature piece as I am an independent women starting a business and the butterfly represents this. The butterfly heel has become the ultimate best-seller, we’ve created this design in over 50 different fabrics, colours and heel-heights! It has become a signature shoe of the Aruna Seth company.

5 Star Weddings: How would you describe the power a hot pair of heels bestows a bride with?

Aruna Seth: A bride can feel super confident by sticking on a 6inch pair of heels and feel top of the world again! A pair of heels can give a girl confidence, as well as having a slimming effect! Shoes are great investments because unlike weight, the shoe size does not change so if you invest in a good pair of shoes they can last years!