Glamorous Girls
Glamorous Girls

Glamorous Girls

Decisions, decisions…

If you’re worried about your bridesmaids reassuring you that they LOVE the dress, while they’re actually thinking “I’m not wearing that!”, fear not! We have fallen head over heels for these bridesmaids dress styles. Not a hint of puffy skirt or shiny satin to be seen – these are dresses your girls will actually like and thank you for!

Two piece

Got bridesmaids with different body shapes? Two piece outfits are perfect – a gorgeous tulle skirt and cute top will suit most people, and it’s easy to separate and use individually for other occasions. Win! Also great for an outdoor or boho themed wedding – a little bit more casual than structured gowns.

Glamorous Girls Glamorous GirlsGlamorous GirlsGlamorous Girls

Short and sweet

Your girls don’t want to be tripping over their skirts all day – and with all the rearrangement of your train they’ll be doing, that’s a distinct possibility! Go short and give them cute, light dresses that are easy to move in.

   Glamorous GirlsGlamorous Girls Glamorous GirlsGlamorous Girls

Make ‘em sparkle!

We adore the idea of adding some glitz to the bridesmaids! Don’t worry, they’ll never out-dazzle you, but a sparkling procession down the aisle will make everyone smile!

Glamorous Girls Glamorous Girls Glamorous Girls Glamorous Girls

Maxi dresses

I know, I know, we said don’t wear a maxi dress for fear of tripping over the hem! But just make them practice the ‘swoop and crouch’ and they’ll be fine! Maxi dresses are good for tall bridesmaids – don’t put diminutive friends in them, they’ll drown them!

Glamorous Girls Glamorous Girls Glamorous Girls Glamorous Girls


It’s a classic, but we still love multiway dresses – necklines can be altered depending on the shape or preference of each girl whilst the colour stays the same. Some dresses you can even choose the hem height – perfect for friends of varying stature.

Glamorous Girls Glamorous GirlsGlamorous GirlsGlamorous Girls


If you’re not having a colour theme, or just want a pretty procession, why not let your friends choose their own dresses? If a matchy matchy bridal party seems a bit twee, have fun with finding the perfect dress for each friend.

Glamorous Girls Glamorous GirlsGlamorous GirlsGlamorous Girls

Above all, make sure you include your girls in the choice. There are so many styles and choices, don’t stop looking till they’re happy. And don’t be afraid to try something different!

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