Fashion Hints And Tips For Grooms

I thought these hints and tips would be useful for all you grooms, to show you how you should dress depending on what sort of wedding you are having.

Bespoke tailors Norton & Townsend cover the whole of the UK and have offices in London and Leeds, dressing everyone from Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay to top City lawyers.

  • City Chic

Only the slickest, smoothest and sharpest of dinner jackets will do for the shot of red carpet glamour needed for a chic city wedding. The ultimate in urban cool can be combined with grown-up indulgence perfect for those getting married with the bright lights of a city scape as a backdrop. Choosing midnight blue for the colour palette will enhance your photographs and give you that the A-List star quality for your big day.

Tip: Dinner jackets can seem a little uniform so make the most of a bespoke service to add personality to the detail – such as a colourful lining or intricate cuffs.

Norton & Townsend

  • Country Charm

The beauty of tradition is in its longevity. Make a style statement with staying power by dressing to impress on your wedding day in a stunning tweed or Prince of Wales check. Loved by generations, these are the fabrics to flaunt as the perfect partner for a bride’s traditional fairytale gown for that church wedding in the country. But far from fussy these classics can be expertly crafted with a contemporary twist for the groom with a sense of occasion coupled with individual flair.

Tip: Traditional always works best by paying homage to it with a modern design – add head-turning peaked lapels or a storm collar.

Mens Wedding Suits

  • Beach Beauty

For the relaxed, informal and bathed-in-sunshine ceremonies on exotic shores choose the effortless but gentlemanly panache of the blue blazer and white trouser combination. Flying thousands of miles from home to say I do deserves a flash of flamboyance because the usual rules just don’t apply and it’s not just the brides who wear white. Soak up the rays of romance in the stunning white trousers while adding a touch of groom-like statesmanship with a blue blazer. Both are investment pieces for a future filled with happiness and for the icing on that wedding cake they are also essentials for your honeymoon wardrobe….saving on the packing.

Tip: Do choose cool colours for beach weddings but it is still your big day so invest in a look which will make you stand out.

Norton & Townsend

  • Tailored themes

From Medieval magic to Victorian vintage everyone finds fun in a theme at a wedding. It may have special significance to you and your intended or simply be a way to be different. But whatever you choose take the time to let your suit make its mark. Go for a bespoke suit because there is almost a limitless choice of fabrics, cuts and linings all at your disposal to create the perfect style statement to match your theme. In essence that’s the gift to be given in a bespoke suit – it can be just what you want it to be. Challenge your tailor if you have something specific in mind to help come up with the suit designed to say more than just ‘I do’.

Tip: Research your theme thoroughly so that you can add in those touches and details to your suit that are in keeping with your day.

Bespoke Tailoring

  • Friday Fling

It’s not so much just about choosing a different day of the week to the traditional Saturday but throwing out the rule book for something altogether more casual. The informal wedding is certainly becoming more popular. The afternoon appointment at the registry office, garden ceremony or even dash to Gretna Green followed by low-key drinks in a gastro-pub or even at home is finding favour with more and more couples.

Speeches and first dances are ditched to be replaced by a cosy celebration without the must-dos. It may be second-time around or even just because less is more when it comes to pomp and circumstance, but it doesn’t mean these kind of wedding doesn’t call for savvy style. The informal wedding is more practical than fairytale flamboyance so opt for a suit which is comfortable and functional.

Tip: Talk to your tailor about styles that don’t easily date and will work for a variety of other demands on your wardrobe from the business engagement to the pleasurable pastimes.