We caught up with Emma Shard, Creative director behind the Emma Hunt London brand, for tips on how to get the best bespoke experience with a designer of choice and create the dream dress.

Emma Hunt

5 Star Weddings:  Most of us only get one opportunity to choose a wedding dress, and it can be a very daunting experience. What advice do you give brides when choosing their dress?

Emma Shard: Try a lot of things and keep an open mind, but remember that it is important to be true to your normal, natural style.  Ultimately you’ll be most comfortable and content in something that makes you feel like yourself, just a very special version of you! I can offer my expertise and insight on the right tone and weight of fabric that would suit your frame and colouring, to the little things that are often overlooked yet can make the difference between simply wearing a beautiful dress, and making you looking your most radiant, gorgeous best in a dress that amplifies and enhances all your best attributes.

Emma Hunt Wedding Gowns

5 Star Weddings:  How important is it to find the right designer?

Emma Shard: It is just as it’s important that style-wise you are a good match. You should chose a designer that you are comfortable with and feel a real connection to. Having a bespoke dress made for you is also your personal journey, one where you’ll need to have complete faith and trust in your designer to realise your ideas and make it as close to your dream dress as possible.

Emma Hunt

5 Star Weddings:  How should someone communicate with your designer of choice?

Emma Shard: Communication is of course, key, as we all interpret things differently. It is vital that your designer understands you and you are confident your designer understands what you want. Never assume! Be as clear as possible with your ideas, not just the specifics of your dress, but also your vision and what you think is important about the particular design you are choosing. Think about how you want to feel as well as how you want to look along with what elements of your body you wish to highlight and which to conceal. These will all help to inform your designer in creating the perfect dress for you.

Emma Hunt

5 Star Weddings:  How accommodating should a bride be?

Emma Shard: It’s great to come armed with plenty of ideas, but it is not always possible to create what you want that would work for your unique shape. So, you must be prepared to take advice and suggestions and be prepared to compromise a little in order to get the best possible outcome.

Emma Hunt

5 Star Weddings:  How many fittings should a bride expect?

Emma Shard: For a complete bespoke piece, you need to leave ample time for several toile fittings for your designer to ascertain the fit, the shape and the hang of your dress. A perfect fit takes time and attention to detail. Planning and time wise, we recommend between six and twelve months between commission and collection of your dress.

Emma Hunt Wedding Gowns

5 Star Weddings:  Is there anything new in terms of style or detail that brides / our readers can expect in 2015?

Emma Shard: In 2015 we’ll see the soft colour trend become more popular, with flattering soft shades of blush and soft taupe base to lace overlays. We will also see softer silhouettes and fabrics, as opposed to the more structured looks of previous years, with delicate satins and silk chiffons highlighted with delicate shimmering embellishments.

Emma Hunt

5 Star Weddings: What is the most important accessory to compliment a wedding dress?

Emma Shard: Confidence. It is essential that you feel comfortable and confident in your dress, as only then will you really glow. I also really love a beautiful, understated bouquet along with a gorgeous veil.

Bespoke Wedding Gowns Emma Hunt

5 Star Weddings: Describe the experience brides can expect at Emma Hunt London– what makes it different?

Emma Shard: I am passionate about giving a personal service and give each and every single client my undivided attention. I also have over 15 years’ experience in running the business on my own, so I have a knowledge of the production side that many sales advisors wouldn’t. This means I understand the construction of a garment and can give really honest and informed feedback when working together with my clients to design something that is both beautiful and achievable.

Emma Hunt

We have also taken very great care in selecting boutiques to stock our Echo diffusion collection and made sure that they offer a seamless and wonderful service. Although ladies buying our Echo dresses don’t often come to the Wimbledon showroom, I make sure that I oversee each and every single dress being made so that Echo clients across the country can be rest assured that their dress has been made with the same love and attention as our in-house couture collection.

Emma Hunt

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