Dress to Princess – The Depth Of Secrecy Around Kate’s Dress

Kate’s dress…I can’t wait. Being in the business, I usually have a fair idea of the latest happenings. After a business meeting business the other day I was discussing with colleagues the depth of secrecy around Kate’s dress. Nobody knows.

Dependable rumours re Sophie Cranston have been constitutionally denied earlier today and so the plot thickens. What seems to be partially forgotten, or at least to have faded into the background in all this is Kate herself, and what she brings to the equation. What I mean is that she herself has somehow become irrelevant in the hype about her dress. This strikes me as startling, although saying that it is something I come across again and again in my work. Brides start with the catwalk, the glamour dresses, the who’s who of design and fashion instead of starting with themselves, their own passions and desires and style comforters. It is the age old situation of cart before the horse. Brides are encouraged by the media, to begin with, the dress instead of the girl wearing it. So, as if I was doing a consultation with her, let’s have a look at Kate – the girl inside the dress.

Kate Middleton In White Coat

She is a natural beauty. Her face, her height and her physique mean that the dress does not need to do much ‘work’. She has at it were free creative licence. There are many designs that would look good on her. She has the luxury of choice. So where to begin? Well, the answer is not at the beginning. There is another fact about Kate that is highly relevant here.

Criticised by some as a ‘lightweight’ work background, Kate has had experience as a retail buyer. A job likes this involves an ability to know what works, creative – yes, lightweight – no. Now, any clients of mine who have worked in fashion are always so much more ‘on it’ when it comes to knowing what suits them. Like them, Kate appears to have a sharp, albeit quite reserved and discreet eye. She knows her style and she knows where to find it. She does not follow the crowd and she has the confidence to do this because so many things look good on her. Ergo, I really can’t see her choosing a very well known designer. I may well be wrong but I think she knows doing so would somehow dilute her very personal elegance and style.

I believe she will go for a designer and a dress that reflects her insides. For instance, the fact that she likes to be young and stylish whilst at the same time beautifully conscious of paying heed to the requirements of her status will certainly be a main emotive driver behind her choice. I believe she will go for someone she knows, but whom the rest of us don’t. I imagine she would have played a role in the creation of the design herself. She seems to have an eye for it. I believe that Kate herself has concentrated on who she is, where she is going and what she is drawn to. For the big day, I feel she will put the focus where the media have not – recognising that what is important in a wedding dress is the woman who is wearing it. The designer who has the honour of this task is sure to maintain a similar philosophy.

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