Katya Shehurina On Starting Dress Shopping

Blending modern vintage inspired styles with opulent materials, Katya’s vision is to create beautifully crafted made-to-order garments that combine versatility, comfort and timeless elegance.

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Although an affinity for vintage styles and exclusively feminine cuts resonates throughout her work, Katya finds great inspiration in the diversity of the contemporary world ensuring a wholly enduring aesthetic. The gentle use of colour, couture details, French lace, Italian silk and hand-embellished accessories create a look of exquisitely bold and chic refinement.

5 Star Weddings: What is your advice for choosing the perfect wedding dress?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: Look for the dress that is most ‘you’. Think of the shapes and silhouettes you feel comfortable, beautiful, strong in, and just follow your instinct. All you need to do is picture yourself feeling confident and, most of all, happy on your most special day… what are you wearing?

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5 Star Wedding Directory: What would you advise a bride who is just starting dress shopping?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: The most important thing is research – make a list of materials, styles, shapes and silhouettes using the internet, and of course 5starwedding. Create a mood board and take it with you to the bridal appointment. It is also important to take your most trusted people to your bridal shopping as anything and everyone can influence your opinion.

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5 Star Weddings: What inspires your collection?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: I am constantly inspired by visuals, old photographs, contemporary elements… but mostly when I start working on a new collection, I visualise the woman wearing the design – how she feels, lives and loves. For me, the KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA Woman is always charming, mysterious, graceful and often unpredictable.

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5 Star Weddings: What are your gowns recognised for?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: Combining vintage silhouettes with modern styling, light ethereal feel which is guaranteed to keep you comfortable throughout the evening, versatile in terms that you can change the colour of the underdress, tulle, accessories and so much more. But mostly I strive to make dresses that are demure, elegant and present an alternative to the traditional bridal look.

5 Star Weddings: What inspired your latest collection?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: My latest collection is an extension of the ‘Feather’ bridal collection and features lovely pastel blues. The styles were inspired by weightless blue lake foam and light clouds of late summer. Floating silhouettes, picturesque coastal scenery and romantic heroine. It was the romantic nature of the lake that appealed to me, a mix of wilderness and austerity.

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This inspiration is reflected in blue feathery tulle, dyed French lace, duck egg blue Italian silk, blue crystal hand-embellished accessories.

5 Star Weddings: What are your favourite fabrics? How about embellishments and colour?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: My favourite fabric is French lace – its outstanding quality and intricate design are astonishing. It can be used as an accent or the main event – one layer of the delicate fabric is all it takes to evoke a feeling of timeless romance.

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5 Star Weddings: What can we expect from the next KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA collection?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: Modern touches of old romance, embellishments, muted hues of lovely pastels. Each gowns has a character, different look and feel. When designing, I continuously have my customers and what they want in mind.

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5 Star Weddings: What well-known people would you like to dress?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: There are so many women I greatly admire and would be thrilled to wear my designs. I love Lily Cole’s superbly boho chic style, I think

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5 Star Weddings: What eras are you most influenced by?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: I have two: I love the art deco fashions of the 20s and the opulent silhouettes of the 50s. Ladies were always so glamorous then.

5 Star Weddings: What makes a 5 star wedding?

KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA: Celebrating your love for each other is in itself such a magical occasion that whenever and wherever you are, it will be a 5 star wedding!