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Galia Lahav – The Les Rêves Bohémiens Collection


Galia Lahav haute couture latest collection:

In a universe where fantasy romance and bohemian fairy tales collide, Galia Lahav creates a world of bridal couture unlike any we have ever seen before. Through the stories and fables of the past, Galia Lahav delves into our childhood dreams of eternal love and magic as she presents to you her new collection, “Les Reves Bohemians.”

Les Rêves Bohémiens Collection By Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav PricesIt’s a mystical collection, as daring and adventurous as the heroes of the tales it draws its inspiration from, with phenomenal corsetry, intricate lace details, and enchanted tulle skirts. It’s both romantic and classic combined, but most of all it’s something new for the eye.

Galia Lahav Stockest

Les Rêves Bohémiens Collection By Galia Lahav bridal

galia lahav haute coutureGalia Lahav takes us to unexplored heights as she introduces us to new silhouettes, textures, lace, and an overall unique look. The collection consists of fifteen timeless pieces with a color pigments for bridal design. In “Les Reves,” you will discover hues of ice blue, dusty rose, champagne, and ivory.

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Les Rêves Bohémiens Collection By Galia LahavGalia Lahav retains the traditional emphasis on the waistline, which when combined with the new silhouette creates a captivating, romantic look.

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galia lahav uk

Les Rêves Bohémiens Collection By Galia LahavThere is a layering of fabrics and fabric combinations that create an illusion of depth in the patterns and colors, making the gowns look more dreamy and aesthetic to the eye.

Les Rêves Bohémiens Collection By Galia LahavHer dresses hint at sensuality with body hugging contours but remain coy with their softer lines and overall silhouette, like the familiar fairy tale princess.

Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav

Galia LahavThe dresses embody details of light, soft draping, and the delicate flares inspired by wings. The necklines are very detailed and trimmed in hand embroidery, and all the exquisite jewelry pieces are hand beaded, with intricate three-dimensional details using brushed and antique silver.

Galia Lahav London

Les Rêves Bohémiens Collection By Galia LahavGalia Lahav designed a luxury hand-made accessory collection to accent the dresses which are an entirely original approach to bridal accessories. Each divine with lovely combinations of colors and semi-precious stones, from rich lavender to deep jade green. The pieces are plated in genuine gold.

galia lahav haute couture

galia lahav haute couture

galia lahav haute coutureWhile designing her bridal dress and accessory collection, Galia Lahav searched deep into the heart of the bride, to express the mood of falling in love. Those who have searched for and found love understand that it is intangible and can never be strictly defined or explained, but must be felt and experienced, and that’s the essence that Galia Lahav worked to portray in this collection.

galia lahav haute couture

galia lahav haute coutureIt is not about the fabric or the dress, this collection is something beyond the material, it is an expression of love through the art of design.

galia lahav haute coutureClick here for more information Galia Lahav – The Les Rêves Bohémiens Collection.

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