Luxe up a warehouse wedding

Industrial style and warehouse weddings are trendy. The space is a blank canvas with high ceilings and natural character, ready to fill with beauty and laughter, a perfect place to create memories. But where to start? You’ll look for some amazing inspiration to ensure that your day is nothing but industrial luxe… well look no further.


Warehouses and big indoor spaces risk appearing a bit grimy, so make a beautiful assault on the senses and create a gorgeous aroma for your day. Kate Middleton went for Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom to fragrance her day, and we love the idea of candles filling every little nook around the place. Give your bridesmaids the same scent, make sure the bouquet in the venue is topped up through the day and then every time you smell that scent it will whisk you back to that fabulous moment.


If you don’t fancy a manufactured perfume, why not fill the place with fragrant flowers? Choose lilies, freesia, sweet peas or scented roses and create floral walls, arches, centrepieces and garlands to accessorise your space. Flowers are the perfect décor for a warehouse wedding – a stark contrast to the industrial architecture. The natural beauty of flowers and foliage creates a gorgeous contrast.

Luxe up a warehouse wedding
Luxe up a warehouse wedding


With such a lofty space, it’s hard to light it – you won’t want to employ industrial fluorescent strip lights! Choose soft uplights, fairy lights and interesting lightings, such as hanging Edison bulbs and ornate chandeliers, and be clever with the placement of your lighting. If you have a large space, light different areas for different times of the day. And get collecting glass jars. Tea lights and candles are a perfect way to create an atmosphere.


Little details may get lost in such a large space, so bold your décor choices. Small and delicate are not words for a warehouse wedding. But don’t go overboard. The temptation may be to try and fill the space – don’t worry about the space, the guests will fill it – be confident in your choices and impress your character on the space.


An industrial space cries out for copper, exposed wood and natural texture – nothing too formed or overly manufactured. Rough and distressed surfaces, wildflowers and even art installations all work well. And as you have high ceilings, drape some colour from hanging decorations. This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year lends itself well to warehouse weddings. Luscious greenery will liven up any large, lofty room and help bring the space to life.

If you’re planning a warehouse wedding, return to the blog for more inspiration on florals, colours and decor!