Top Tips For Bridal Makeup Summer 2021

Bridal Makeup Summer: Today’s makeup blog is from the fabulous Makeup by Mirna.

Ladies, when it comes to makeup 2021 is all about fresh, dewy, gorgeous, youthful-looking skin.

Neutral eyes with a bit of shimmer are on trend currently.

Top Tips For Bridal Makeup Summer 2021

In saying this, we see so many edited images online these days, where the skin texture is not showing at all,  this tends to be not very flattering. Ladies, embrace your beautiful skin, let your gorgeous texture show, and be proud of who you are, each one of us is unique and beautiful in our own way. Let’s celebrate each other!

When it comes to bridal makeup, very often my brides will ask for a natural look that is enhanced, giving them their best, most polished version of themselves. I will always fully collaborate with my clients, where I will help them achieve that youthful, elegant look with flawless skin and very elegant eye makeup whilst fulfilling all their makeup requirements. The end result will be their dream vision look.

Top Tips For Bridal Makeup Summer 2021

Top tip I can give you is to look after your skin, introduce a skin regime suitable for your individual skin type, hydrate your skin, drink a lot of water and apply your beauty regime in the morning and at night time. The key to flawless bridal makeup is skin preparation. When the skin is beautifully hydrated the makeup will sit on top comfortably and feel like the second skin, not to forget, it will last the whole day and night.

My next tip is: When applying makeup I tend to add a couple of drops of liquid highlighter to my foundation or skincare to achieve that youthful glow on the skin. You too can be a gorgeous, glowing goddess just by using this trick.

When working with ladies who have more mature skin very little powder needs to be used as the powder will dry the skin and sit in the lines, we should only use a “whisper” of powder and concentrate on the use of mainly cream and liquid products (liquid/cream eyeshadow, blush etc)

Top Tips For Bridal Makeup Summer 2021

Model you see here is a gorgeous deeper skin tone beauty, I absolutely love how this warm glow and warm colours work for her to enhance her beautiful skin and her gorgeous eyes. Deeper skin tones suit warm colours and bright colours, it offsets their amazing complexion.

My last tip is: waterproof and set your makeup in place with a setting spray, it really does help the whole look come together beautifully. Don’t forget to use waterproof mascara ladies, it will help those tears of joy, you may be experiencing on your special day.

Top Tips For Bridal Makeup Summer 2021

My beauties, I hope you have found this article useful, if you are ever in need of skincare or makeup advice please feel free to reach out, it will be my utmost pleasure to help.

Ladies, you truly are my muses. Wishing each and every one of you my absolute best.

Mirna x