Wedding in Acapulco

Planning a wedding in Acapulco can be one of your best choices you can make for your wedding! Acapulco is an ideal destination for couples who love culture, adventure and generally original and exotic conditions and situations.

Today, Acapulco is the party town of Mexico, where the fun does not stop any time of day. It attracts no less than about 5,000,000 visitors annually, earning the title of one of the “busiest destinations worldwide” and one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world.

wedding in acapolca

The blue waters cliffs and picturesque sunsets are definitely elements that make Acapulco an attractive wedding destination. Add the first-class shopping malls, the beaches filled with beautiful people and sunbathers, fearless surfers and skiers with revealing swimsuits, the spectacular hotels in Las Vegas style and the nightlife without limits and you get the ultimate summer wedding destination.

Acapulco is the equivalent of Waikiki in Hawaii. It hosts a chain of luxury hotels that occupy the picturesque bay, and retains its authenticity as a Mexican destination, being the first famous resort town of Mexico. However, Cancun has undoubtedly stolen much of the glory winning international fame and becoming one of the strongest opponents. Couples, who choose to get married in Acapulco, can have beach weddings on its white beaches and azure waters. The rainwaters flowing into the bay, with a green or brown colour on the beach, are the ideal backdrop for the wedding photos as well!

Acapulco wedding resorts offer couples the best possible packages that include everything required by a couple for this special day. All inclusive packages usually include transportation tickets, hotel accommodation, wedding ceremony details and wedding reception party facilities, as well as plans for the honeymoon of the newlywed couple.

There are numerous activities for couples there as well; the nights in Acapulco are filled with glamour and energy. The promenade is flooded with locals and tourists, the cars make queues and horns are heard all over from rushing drivers, alternating at times by the sirens of police cars. The fun starts early in the afternoon at the beach bars offering happy hours, and at the shore party venues offering live music bands and marimba. Particularly popular is bar hopping, even for couples. The outfit can be simple, from swimwear, shorts and sandals. The cruises during sunset are a special way to welcome the night in a romantic way. These cruises usually include live entertainment with music and dinner buffet.

Acapulco wedding can be combined with a luxurious and fun honeymoon in Mexico, the country of the 6000 km white sandy beach, cities and tourist resorts that have gained an international reputation for the quality of entertainment found there, the warm and hospitable locals who live in a country with sun 310 days a year.

Discover the beauty of Acapulco in Mexico and combine the most beautiful day of your life with a memorable experience in one of the best places in the world; check the Five Star Wedding Directory for extra information on Acapulco!