A Fresh Approach To Healthy Eating

Last week we were thrilled to be invited to the launch of Morrisons new product range.  An exciting combination of expert nutritionists and world-class chefs at Morrisons has created NuMe, an innovative range of products to make healthier eating tasty, affordable and fun.

Replacing the old Eat Smart range, NuMe includes chilled, frozen, and ambient products, all offering lots of health benefits without compromising on taste or price. NuMe (pronounced ‘new me’) initially includes over 300 lines with options to suit anyone with aspirations to be healthier.

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NUME Red Berries Shots

Neil Nugent, Executive Chef and Head of Innovation at the supermarket, has worked tirelessly to ensure that, while there are plenty of calorie-controlled options, the range is about more than just shedding pounds. Neil is passionate about blending the latest culinary production techniques with great ingredient combinations in order to deliver the highest standard of healthier and tastier food.

His healthier NuMe options include high fibre choices, dishes rich in Omega 3 and meals brimming with delicious fruits and vegetables. Star players in the range include the NuMe Fragrant Malaysian king prawn & coconut noodle soup, bursting with juicy king prawns and combining delicate Eastern flavours, such as ginger and coconut, for only 289 calories per bowl.

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NUME Lebanese chicken

Continuing across the world of fine cuisine, the NuMe Lebanese chicken with sweet potato falafel combines the most up-to-date culinary trends with a hearty meal that’s not just packed with flavour but also delivers two of your ‘5 a day’ with less than 3% fat.

NuMe sees ‘healthy’ as a lifestyle choice rather than a fad diet plan, which is why the range includes tasty and luxurious healthier alternatives to traditional dessert treats. For example, the NuMe Gooseberry fool is packed with tangy fruit and whipped to create a uniquely light texture and, like the rest of the dessert range, it delivers the feeling of complete indulgence with no need for guilt.

NUME Italian Style Five Beans
NUME Italian Style Five Beans

As well as creating tongue-tingling, tasty products, the NuMe team at Morrisons has developed a brand new system of labelling, designed to help people navigate healthier options more easily. While old methods can leave customers scrutinising small print and dithering over diagrams, the clear and simple iconography provides a clear A-Z of everything from calories and vitamins through to salt levels and ‘5 a day’ contributions, helping to take the headache out of the healthier family shop.

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NuMeStonebaked Vegetable Pizza

Bryonie Hollaert, Morrisons’ nutritionist, says: “Our increasingly busy lifestyles mean that we cannot always take time out to prepare healthy and tasty food. Lower fat options can prove uninspiring and tasteless while traditional ‘fast food’ can mean that what you save in time you gain in calories, saturated fat and nasty additives.”

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NUME Food Collection

Belinda Youngs, Own Brand Director at Morrisons, comments: “NuMe is about making it easier for customers to make healthier choices in store, without having to compromise on taste, quality or affordability. We’re lucky to have a first-rate nutrition team that works along our star chefs to ensure this isn’t about regimented health but nutritious, healthier choices that are really delicious too.”