Pal Zileri 2008 Collection

The main motif of this collection is “matching” suits, shirts and waistcoats combining different patterns ranging from a seventies-like geometrical style to a floral one.

Fresh and elegant tactile sensations come from original blends of fabrics like silk and viscose, or from more classic combination of wool and viscose to obtain a distinguishing gloss opaque variation. A constant feature are: light woolen fabric and special fabrics mixed with copper or silver threads.

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Colors range from black/blue night-black/natural white to brown and gray leaden tones coupled with slightly coloured accessories: green-blue, aged gold and copper

Grooms available sizes:

Sizes range from 44 to 66, but each model can be customized thanks to our bespoke service. For a more updated consumer jackets have been sensibly shortened to gain a more fluid shape, while pants are slimmer. A trendy must: single-breasted two buttons jackets, with a peak lapel”