Calvin Klein’s denim revolution

From denim jeans to luxury dreams

Clavin Klein’s denim revolution – In 1968 Calvin Klein launched a youthful line of coats and dresses and quickly caught the eye of the fashion world. Appearing on the cover of Vogue just a year later, this was evidently a fashion house to watch.

Calvin Klein's denim revolution
LOS ANGELES – 1979: Fashion designer Calvin Klein poses for a portrait backstage before a fashion show for People Magazine in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Joan Adlen/Getty Images)

Just a few years later, Klein had vastly expanded, adding sportswear, blazers and lingerie to his women’s collection and in 1973 he was the youngest recipient ever of the Coty American Fashion Critics Award.

Calvin Klein's denim revolution

The jeans

In 1978 the famous Calvin Klein jeans first hit the market to overwhelming success selling over 200,000 pairs in the first week. Success continued and ‘Calvin Kleins’ became a must-have, with wearers proudly sporting the name branded across the back pocket.

Calvin Klein's denim revolution

The underwear revolution

Having revolutionised the world of casual trousers, Calvin Klein set to the underwear market. In a world where most men’s underwear was purchased when necessary by a mother, wife or girlfriend, Klein realigned the status quo, creating a desirability to the Calvin Klein brand and encouraging men to care about the labels they wear.

Calvin Klein's denim revolution - underwear

Calvin Klein’s underwear business skyrocketed and a famous billboard campaign became world-renowned, with an image of pop star Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg promoting the brand. ‘Calvins’ became the underwear of choice for both men and women, with boutiques opening across the world.

Calvin Klein's denim revolution

Famous fans

Celebrities love Calvin Klein. This approachable, desirable and on-trend label keeps things simple and its messages clear. Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber have all modelled for them with the brand setting the benchmark for everyday fashion.

Calvin Klein's denim revolution - underwear - Justin Bieber
Calvin Klein’s denim revolution – underwear – Justin Bieber

Calvin Klein's denim revolution Calvin Klein's denim revolution

2017 sees luxury launched

2017’s New York Fashion Week aimed to launch Calvin Klein into the realms of luxury fashion with a new high-end ready to wear collection launched as part of Klein’s creative revolution. Including a high-end jeans line, bright fabrics and luxurious textures, it was met with widespread enthusiasm from critics and retailers.

Calvin Klein's denim revolution

Now holding lines in womenswear, menswear, jeans, underwear, swimwear, fragrance and its new luxury line, Calvin Klein is a world-renowned household name that has firmly established itself as a trusted and much-loved brand.