The Luxury Hire Co are the ONLY handbag hire company

blankAs of right now, The Luxury Hire Co are the ONLY handbag hire company that will actually GIVE you a designer handbag of your choice!

Every time you hire a bag from them you earn a ‘credit’ – some hires are worth more credits than others – and each designer bag is worth a certain number of credits.

Once you have enough credits you can ‘cash’ them in on a bag of your choice which they will send you – to KEEP! And breathe! I know, I know..

At The Luxury Hire Co., they give and then they give some more!

They are expanding their range all the time – the more bags they buy, the more choice you have. Now you can gaze out of the window and imagine your very own Chloe or Prada, and while you gain credits you always have a designer bag by your side – OMG!!!

The Luxury Hire Co will look forward to sending you your first hired handbag which will put you on the road to ownership. Click here to visit their website to view the latest range of handbags.