Spectacular Scented Stationery Range From Cutture London

The UK’s leading experiential stationery design house, Cutture London, has announced the launch of its scented invitation range in collaboration with Chapter 7 Scents.

Promising to take the world of stationery to new heights, the range fuses cutting-edge design with olfactory story to deliver a truly unique, innovative and immersive experience.

Drawing on the memorable power of scent and our oldest and most emotive sense, the range has been designed to rekindle feelings of nostalgia and familiarity, igniting a journey of discovery from the moment the invitation is received.

Further enhancing Cutture’s signature style of luxurious, intricate and personalised stationery for weddings and events, the use of evocative scents adds a new dimension to the sensory experience, setting the scene for what lies ahead while simultaneously creating memories that will live on far beyond the occasion itself.

The scented range is comprised of six invitation designs include:

The Afternoon Tea – A beautiful boxed invitation with a nod to a traditional tea tin, It releases the glorious smell of tea, fruit scones and cakes, while inside lies an usable tea bag.

Cutture London

The Kids Party – A sweetie bag with laser cut graphics. A delicious scent of candyfloss and sweets fills the air when the invitation is pulled from the bag.

Cutture London Invitations

The New Year’s Eve Invitation – Setting the scene with a bang, this invitation is scented with smoldering fireworks and incorporates a golden sparkler. The perfect way to start the celebrations.

Cutture London Stationery
The Paper Rose – The traditional floral invitation for weddings and events with a twist. A contemporary geometric pattern incorporates a three-dimensional rose into a clean lined box, with the sweet scent of roses waiting to be liberated.

Cutture London Stationery

The Christmas Cracker – The original scented invitation currently incorporating the spiced scent of Christmas, the taste of gingerbread and the visual delights of a London skyline on a paper hat, all of which can be tailormade to suit the event.

Cutture London

The ‘Your Story’ Wedding Invitation – Cutture’s signature and bestselling design, the invitation tells personal stories through illustration and laser cutting technology. The addition of the scented element creates another level of emotion for lasting memories.

A fully bespoke service is also available for those seeking a completely unique representation of a wedding or event, offering the opportunity to create a custom scent that reflects personal tastes or a particular theme.

As an additional option, Chapter 7 Scents can incorporate the chosen scent into the event itself in a variety of ways, continuing the olfactory journey.

The collection is now available to order and prices start from £25 per invitation.

  • For more information or to book a consultation, contact Cutture on 020 7751 8395, email [email protected] or visit cutture.com
  • For more information on Chapter 7 Scents, contact 020 7498 4839, email [email protected] or visit chapter7scents.com