The Newest Craze For Recession Era Glamour

Even celebrities like Beyonce wear lab made diamonds because of their likeness to mined gems. She bought some because she wanted a replica for her $5 million engagement ring that she was too worried to lose.

By Brilliant  is a fine jewellery collection that specialises in amazing lab created diamonds. Made in perfect conditions, the jewels are flawless in cut, clarity and colour – and like diamonds, they will last forever. In fact, only professional gemologists with specialist equipment can tell the difference between by Brilliant diamonds and mined natural diamonds.

A smart girl’s best friend, by Brilliant jewels allow women to indulge in both statement and classic jewellery pieces without breaking the bank. All of the by Brilliant collection is handcrafted in solid gold or sterling silver settings, allowing fashionistas to mix, match or stack with their existing sparkles. Simulated diamonds have a lifetime guarantee and yield a clarity of ‘IT’ (internally flawless) – in fact, they are so durable that they could cut through glass. And because they are not mined, eco-warriors can rest at ease knowing that their diamonds are guilt-free.

Their diamonds also prove a useful and practical purchase as ideal travel jewellery. No extra insurance is necessary when traveling abroad and you can leave your treasured heirlooms safe at home, while glittering on foreign shores.

The by Brilliant Looks


wedding rings
Deco Maxi Ring

Influenced by bohemian beauties, eclectic style and the luxe festival trend, this look is inspired by style icons like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Delicate, stackable bangles with sparkling settings in rose and yellow gold, chunky statement jewel rings and drop pendant necklaces with hippy-inspired feather detailing (£250).


wedding rings
Brilliant Petite Trilogy Ring

A romantic and elegant collection of feminine pieces for a timeless and effortless look. The iconic by Brilliant gala studs in 9 karat white gold (£295) and matching pendant (£295) are the ultimate pieces in the English Rose look. Clean simple but understated sparkling bracelets, trilogy rings, pearls and of course, royal blue gems.


Engagement rings
Gala Ring

Inspired by polished, savvy women like Gwyneth Paltrow, the Girl About Town collection is for women who want the ultimate style without compromising on luxury. Sparkly, spiralling Cassie cocktail rings in white gold (£385), chandelier earrings and delicate white gold chains.


Wedding jewllery
Fabulous Ring

Decadent, colourful pieces for women who love to sparkle and aren’t afraid to be bold. Opulent gold and by Brilliant diamond cuffs, extravagant necklaces to be worn with look-at-me cocktail dresses and glamorous star burst earrings are just some of the ‘fabulous’ pieces that make up this look.