5 top tips to choosing a theme for your wedding

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of tying in all the different elements of your wedding and to make it memorable for all is to have a theme. This could be a colour theme, an era, a film or TV programme, sporting activity or event – anything really.

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The top 5 tips for choosing a wedding theme:

1. Choose something personal to you both – it could be that you both really liked the recent Alice in Wonderland film or that you are both keen mountain bikers – anything goes; just try to find a way of incorporating this activity into your wedding day.

2. The simplest things to incorporate into your chosen theme are the table centrepieces, favours, music and food. For example, if your chosen theme was oriental you could have paper lanterns hanging low over the centre of each table instead of a centrepiece, chopsticks or fortune cookies as favours and a traditional Szechuan dish as a main course.

3. Be as the individual or as traditional as you like – if you don’t want to be too creative, just theme the wedding around the season. For example, a BBQ and ice creams in the summer and for a fabulous winter wedding fill vases with rock salt and twigs as table centrepieces and hand icicles and snowflakes from the ceiling.

4. Don’t worry if you have completely different ideas about the wedding theme – fusion weddings of two or more themes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with multi-cultural couples. For a Scottish/Malaysian wedding, consider using bright Malaysian flowers such as orchids and birds of paradise as décor and combining with traditional Scottish customs such as having a piper and Ceilidh.

5. Maybe you don’t have any particular hobbies or interests? Try choosing a combination of colours that you both like or a film that you both enjoyed – Moulin Rouge themed weddings are not for the faint-hearted but can look fabulous even on a tight budget. 

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