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Lydia, of Love Lydia Weddings & Events, is an experienced wedding planner who creates bespoke and tailored experiences for couples on their big day. We asked Lydia about questions and queries she is often asked by brides when planning their Summer wedding. Here she reveals some helpful advice:

1. What colour schemes or themes would you recommend for a Summer wedding?

A Summer wedding lends itself beautifully to a number of colour palettes and themes, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. From soft peach, cornflower blue or pale mint hues – the options really are endless. Pick a theme and colour palette that will compliment your wedding venue. For instance, if your wedding venue features lots of golden detailing, you may want to consider a colour scheme that ties in with this. If you’re tying the knot abroad, you may love the thought of a vibrant and tropically-inspired palette.

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2. I want a dress that makes me look and feel beautiful, but one that won’t make me feel too hot and stuffy at a Summer wedding. What style would you suggest?

There are so many wonderful wedding dresses out there, so you’re guaranteed to find one that looks incredible without feeling too warm on your big day. Opt for a style that is fairly simple, without too many ruffles or layers. A strapless gown or one with a deep V-back will not only look stunning, it’ll help to keep you cool all day long.

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3. How can I keep my wedding guests cool at my wedding?

This is a chance to get incredibly creative with your wedding venue décor and styling, and there are lots of fabulous ways to keep your guests cool. I adore the thought of creating an outdoor cocktail station for your guests to help themselves too. You could create two signature cocktails that you and your partner are huge fans of. Alternatively, why not offer your wedding guests an array of choices? You can display your cocktails on metallic trays, bar carts or in glass drink dispensers. Refreshing drinks can certainly look part of your wedding décor while keeping your guests cool and hydrated. If cocktails don’t take your fancy, an ice cream cart is always a delightful addition to a Summer wedding. If your wedding is based outdoors, make sure there is a shaded area for guests to take some time out from the scorching heat of the sun.

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4. There is a huge lawn space at my wedding which I’d like to use at my Summer wedding. How do you think I can use it?

If you’re lucky to enough to have outdoor space at your wedding, such as a lawn, make use of it. Keep your wedding guests entertained with fun garden games such as oversized Jenga pieces, tug-of-war. This will get guests of all ages laughing and enjoying themselves! You could also ask some musicians to play background music outdoors while your guests are chatting and enjoying the scenery. Decorate your outdoor space with lots of tea lights in lanterns and hurricane vases. Not only will this make the most of your venue, it’ll create a gorgeous setting for those romantic photographs in the evening. Why not offer your wedding guests sparklers to use at the end of your wedding day? It will be great fun for you and your guests, and it’ll also be a magical moment for your photographer to capture.

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5. My bridesmaids are all different shapes and sizes, but I want them to feel completely comfortable. I’m stuck for ideas, though – help!

It’s certainly no easy task to find a dress that suits all of your bridesmaids, especially if they’re of different ages. The mix and match approach is the best way to tackle this problem, and it’s a style that always looks gorgeous! If you’ve opted for a pretty pink colour scheme, choose a mixture of gowns in different hues and designs. From blush to nude – an array of shades will look gorgeous! Keep things look coordinated by keeping the dresses the same length or material – this will ensure that they still look like your bridesmaids.

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6. Are there any Summer wedding trends that are predicted for 2017 weddings?

If you’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the wedding industry, you’ll know that greenery is the biggest wedding trend of 2017. While you may not be a huge fan of the colour green itself, a wedding using an abundance of foliage really is rather elegant. Couples are also opting for statement décor pieces, such as hanging installations, striking ceremony backdrops and unusual food displays.

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7. I want wedding favours that my guests will love and be able to use. Any ideas?

When it comes to Summer wedding favours, you could add a floral touch to your wedding place settings by offering your guests a single flower, perhaps a rose. If you decide on this option, I recommend using a rose in your chosen colour scheme so that your theme carries throughout.  Alternatively, candles are always a lovely choice of wedding favour and the scent will remind your guests of your special day. Perhaps you could offer your guests candles that have a soft Summer fragrance?

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8. I’m having an outdoor wedding ceremony in Summer 2017, but I’m worried about the unpredictable weather! Should I have a backup plan?

You should always have a backup plan for an outdoor wedding! Having a backup plan will mean you don’t worry as much if you spot the dreaded raincloud on the weather forecast, and everyone will know exactly what to do when the big day arrives. Be sure to discuss with your photographer alternative options for your wedding photographs – it may be worthwhile showing them around your wedding venue beforehand so they can work out other areas to shoot if the weather is unpredictable. If you’re hoping to have your wedding ceremony outside, make sure there is the choice of an indoor ceremony too in case it rains. You could also provide your wedding guests with boxes of Wellington boots and umbrellas – you can’t stop the rain, so you may as well embrace it!

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9. We’re having a marquee at our wedding, but at the moment it’s a blank canvas. Do you have any decorating ideas?

A marquee wedding venue can be anything you want it to be. Whether it’s classically elegant, country garden style or ultra-extravagant – the choice is yours and it’s all down to the decoration. I think flowers work beautifully in a marquee and they effortlessly add romance to your wedding venue. You can use blooms to decorate the entrance of your wedding venue, or you can create stylish hanging installations using a variety of flowers and greenery. When it comes to your wedding centrepieces, I love the thought of entwining pretty flowers around candelabra or filling vases with your favourite blooms.

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10. I can’t choose between a Summer or Winter wedding! What are the pros and cons of a Summer wedding?

There are lots of pros and cons to both Summer and Winter weddings. When it comes to a Summer wedding, most couples are attracted to the warmer weather. However, as we all know you can’t rely on the British weather to promise the sunshine on your wedding day. Summer weddings offer the opportunity to say ‘I Do’ in an outdoor wedding ceremony, surrounded by gorgeous greenery and plenty of beautiful blooms on show. You can also opt for vibrant themes and palettes bursting with colour. However, you’ll find that lots of wedding venues are booked completely throughout Summer, so you may have to book further in advance then you initially anticipated. This is the same for all the best wedding suppliers, from florists, photographers to cake makers! But as long as you’re organised, this shouldn’t be a problem. While lots of wedding guests will have taken time off work during the Summer, you will need to let them know in advance of your big day otherwise you may find that lots of your guests are jetting off on holiday!

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