Should you follow floral trends when picking wedding flowers?

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We love looking at trends in luxury weddings. From colour palettes to themes and styles, it’s so much fun to see what’s hot right now. And when it comes to flowers, we adore looking at seasonal favourites and trending blooms. So we picked up some advice from Sarah Loughrey-Jennings, Creative Director at Hiding in the City Flowers. Here’s what she had to say about following floral trends.

Should couples follow trends when it comes to choosing wedding flowers?

“Yes is the simple answer! I absolutely love creating on-trend designs and it’s what Hiding in the City Flowers is all about. I believe that people always have, and always will be, led by trends. The powerhouse that is Vogue is still going all these years later precisely because people (of all cultures, nationalities and faiths) love keeping up to date with current fashions and emerging styles. From watching celebrities on a catwalk to clocking the new terrarium hanging in your neighbour’s conservatory, we are constantly receptive to the changing fashions in the world around us. This sub-conscious process of being influenced by what’s ‘in vogue’ is no different while you’re planning your wedding – you’ll come across (and be swayed by) a truck-load of different trends, themes and ideas.

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“Now we’ve established that it’s pretty much a given that you’ll be tempted by a trend or two, I have to convince you why you should succumb to those fashion urges. Your wedding day, the most important day of your life, is essentially an expression of who you are as a person and who you both are together as a couple. Do you want your florals to say “we’re pretty average… nothing special?” – yeah, I thought not! Please, I beg, don’t settle for run of the mill flowers with no personality or flare on the biggest day of your life. Have some fun and experiment with the looks you like from magazines, blogs and Pinterest. By taking inspiration from all sorts of current fashions and styles around you, you’ll actually create your own unique style – a blend of all of the trends you love.

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“Over the years we’ve seen the emergence of themed weddings, less than 20 years ago, a wedding theme only stretched as far as a colour scheme and a touch of ribbon. Now you can have everything from Hawaiian luau extravaganza, right through to a whimsical fairy garden themed day. If the rest of your wedding is going to be bursting at the seams with personality, I think it’s really important for your flowers not to let you down. The power of florals is incredible and displayed correctly they can bring a whole room to life – so for me, missing the opportunity to go to town with trends with your flowers would be a real shame.

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“I make no qualms in saying that weddings are an expensive business and flowers are no exception. Flowers are considered luxury items and with that status, comes a price tag (sorry in advance to the wedding budget spreadsheet!). However, you’re probably going to pay the same sort of price for a typical, standardised bouquet from a big brand florist as you will for a playful, imaginative one designed by us. The decision sounds like a no-brainer, right? If you’re going to spend all of that money, it may as well be on flowers that you can be proud of, your guests will be bowled over by and most importantly, ones that look darn good on Instagram!

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“As well as following trends, for your sake – to make a statement and have some fun with your florals – think about following trends for my sake too! I entered into floristry to do something creative that I love each and every day. When brides come to me with fresh ideas and contemporary designs it feeds the fire in my heart for pushing boundaries, trying something new and ultimately, putting together awe-inspiring floral designs.

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What wonderful inspiration from Hiding in the City Flowers, thanks, Sarah!

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