Winter Weddings at Wickham House

“Of family homes, with stately walls, tradition to-day as of yore, where beauty lies in ground and floor, through winter time in frost and thaw, in dazzling sparkle, icy halls, you’ll find the rascal and his paws, so head to Wickham to see his work, Jack’s his name and Frost’s his sport.”

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Wickham House, a beautiful property owned and operated by the charming D’Arcy family, situated in the sumptuous area of Kintbury.

Winter Weddings at Wickham House

Imagine this – a location, private in its nature, with resplendent views of rolling hills, a simple church that plays neighbor to a beauteous house in the middle of grounds that evokes a landscape akin to a Monet masterpiece. Our minds wondered imagining the perfect painting, which was easy given the magnificence of the property, which could easily have been painted and exhibited at the National Gallery. Truly, it is that magnificent.

This estate is full of charm. You are swathed into the warming arms of Philippa and James D’Arcy and immediately want to stay forever. You can almost feel the history running throughout the nooks and charming crannies of this property, as you discover the grounds with a sense of adventure, as you happen upon the sublime walled gardens and wild meadow. It is truly idyllic and an utter joy to witness a property that breathes with its own lungs, punctuated with many design features including a famous organ situated in the church, overlooked by noteworthy elephant heads made from papier-mâché. One can imagine the twinkling sound of this beautiful organ as it fills the grounds with decorative music, making both the elephants and locals smile.

Whilst traversing the grounds, we posed the question, “How does Wickham House look in the winter?” and the results were wondrous. Being obsessed with stories, it wasn’t long before our minds wandered thinking of fictional characters associated with winter. One curious individual is Jack Frost. It seems that this is one place in the world where Mr. Frost can display his work in its full glory.

Winter Weddings at Wickham House

The famous poem by Hannah Flagg Gould comes to mind.

He lit on the trees, and their boughs he dressed

In diamond beads—and over the breast

Of the quivering lake he spread

A coat of mail, that it need not fear

The downward point of many a spear

That hung on its margin far and near,

Where a rock could rear its head

He went to the windows of those who slept,

And over each pane, like a fairy, crept;

Wherever he breathed, wherever he slept,

By the light of the moon were seen

Most beautiful things—there were flowers and trees;

There were bevies of birds and swarms of bees;

There were cities with temples and towers, and these

All pictured in silver sheen!

Wickham House is a blank canvas venue, ideal for clients looking to fuse together a unique, spine-tingling setting and a sprinkle of creative dust. Much like Jack Frost we love to dress venues, building upon a canvas and introducing layers of decorative shimmering flair. Jack is known for creating unique designs, like frosty, fern-like patterns on the windows, and is often depicted with a paintbrush and bucket, colouring the autumnal foliage red, yellow, brown and orange, always ready to give the situation a facelift (a man after our own hearts!). It is this process, which makes this venue so exciting to work in – there are few restrictions and we can transform the grounds into a winter paradise, with a magnificent glass marquee to act as your very own winter castle.

Wickham House

Encompassing multiple venues, including a warming barn, there is an abundance of spaces available at Wickham House (also perfect for summer weddings). Wickham House is a family home celebrating unique design features and interiors that will leave your jaw on the floor.

This magical venue would offer a unique opportunity , especially throughout winter, for both intimate and large scale weddings, set in one of the most picturesque locations in the country, easily accessible from London and beyond.

But …

he did one thing that was hardly fair;

He peeped in the cupboard, and finding there

That all had forgotten for him to prepare—

“Now just to set them a-thinking,

I’ll bite this basket of fruit,” said he,

“This costly pitcher I’ll burst in three,

And the glass of water they’ve left for me

Shall ‘tchich!’ to tell them I’m drinking.”

Unlike Jack Frost, we guarantee that you will be well looked after at Wickham House, perfectly fed, watered and entertained in what surely is the coolest and most beautiful new venue of the season.

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