Persian Wedding Ceremony Set In Vancouver

Today’s real wedding comes in from Will Pursell Photography who captured the day of Saina and Said’s elegant wedding that took place at the Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

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Words from the bride and groom:

Groom’s sister (Samira) had recently moved to Vancouver from across the world and had just begun living with a family in Coquitlam, who also happened to be a good family friend with Saina’s family. Samira and Saina would became good friends over the summer and fall of 2008.

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The first look was one of the most emotional first looks we’ve seen, with the bridesmaids and mothers all crying while watching the moment unfold. The couple had a beautiful Persian wedding ceremony.

First Meeting Bride and Groom
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Persian Real Wedding
Persian Real Wedding

Samira is then diagnosed with terrible illness that forces her to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks in late December 2008 to early January 2009, during which Saina would visit her daily to take care of her. Then Said (groom) travels to Vancouver on Christmas day in 2008 to visit his sister and ends up staying at her bedside for the next three weeks to take care of her. Said and Saina meet for the first time on a pretty snowy day in Vancouver on Christmas day, in 2008 at Eagle Ridge Hospital. They would spend the next weeks together taking care of Samira, and planting a seed for the future in each other’s hearts!

Persian Real Wedding
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The ambiance of the wedding reception, décor, food, special touches

The ambiance during the reception was intimate, which the couple kept mentioning “was rare”. The reception was a mix of high energy with a lot of Persian traditional dances and music, then became very intimate during the emotional speeches and dinner. The venue was very grand and luxurious, with big chandeliers, and candlelit centerpieces showing off the beautiful flower arrangements at each table.

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Style and theme of the wedding.

Saina and Said’s wedding was very elegant and luxurious from the brides dress, floral arrangements, decor and hotel. They hired some of the biggest vendors in Vancouver to make it happen. Their chose beige, white and soft pinks as their colours, just making all of the decor look soft, with a lot of elegance and classic beauty.