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Metallic florals

Flash some shine over your flowers


Adding metallics for an extra something special

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love a flash of metallic across a wedding colour palette. It can add such a lively contrast to the décor, and my favourite way to incorporate it is through the florals. The contrast of natural beauty against industrial copper or extravagant gold adds a very special touch and a fabulous element to any bridal bouquet or tablescape. I’ve rounded up some of my very favourite looks to give some inspiration for your own metallic florals.

4307070960 606bfa3b2c b - Metallic florals
IMAGE: Design by Aubrey


Silver works beautifully with washed blues and cooler tones, giving a sleek, chic edge to displays and bouquets. You don’t find many natural blue tones in nature, so being creative with foliage and flower choice is important.

Kate Aaron Wedding Darina Stoda Photography 25 - Metallic florals
Silver vases can give foliage an extra shine! IMAGE: Darina Stoda Photography
Winter Bouquet Ideas Daisy Ellen Florals Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 630x708 - Metallic florals
Add sprigs of silver foliage and a silver ribbon for some shimmer. IMAGE: Daisy Ellen Florals
Kate Aaron Wedding Darina Stoda Photography 26 - Metallic florals
Make your metallic centre of the display. IMAGE: Darina Stoda Photography

Rose Gold

Warm and perfectly pretty, rose gold still has a place in my heart this year. It finds its place as a subtle companion to blush tones and is best friends with understated and delicate displays.

michael radford photography 1 - Metallic florals
Simple rose gold cutlery adds a fabulous soft metallic edge to tables capes. IMAGE: Michael Radford Photography
thepaisleymoon on etsy - Metallic florals
Raise your vase game with a rose gold dip. IMAGE: Thepaisleymoon on Etsy
a2fdb0357fc251e623472a92328fcde6 - Metallic florals
Geometric rose gold shapes make a gorgeous carrier for pretty florals.


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Copper is rose gold’s brasher friend! Bringing an industrial feel, copper adds a strong orange pop to florals, working perfectly as a base or additional feature.

lauren love - Metallic florals
Shiny and bold, copper adds contrast to deep shades of flowers. IMAGE: Lauren Love
20150308 67 anushe low london new york loft industrial wedding inspiration - Metallic florals
Go for a copper frame if you’re after a stripped back industrial look. IMAGE: Anushe Low
lauren love 2 - Metallic florals
Set copper across your table. IMAGE Lauren Love

Antique metallics

Antique metallics work well for a vintage wedding theme. With the polish and shine faded, distressed vases show off the blossoming florals to their full potential. The contrast of old and new adds depth to the displays and can handle the boldest of blooms.

bostonmagazine - Metallic florals
Tarnished brass holds up the most regal of flower displays. IMAGE: BostonMagazine
19f3f2a4ae3f65bf5bda9e2d8a030114 - Metallic florals
Speckles take off the shine from silver and give it a softer tone.
27f6301134c11b21d061390a269d57d0 - Metallic florals
Vintage birdcages are an innovative way of adding a metallic to showcase flowers.


Gold gives a luxurious tone, adding another level of glamour and warmth to florals. Gold works well with classic pinks and whites as well as art deco themes. If you want a touch of black in your palette, gold instantly creates a fabulous contrast.

a86f949feaf120ee982f4f19571b4fc8 glitter wedding centerpieces gold glitter wedding - Metallic florals
Add some sparkle with gold glitter dipped vases.
Briana Purser Photography - Metallic florals
Gold plates are a simple and effective way of giving a strong metallic base. IMAGE: Briana Purser Photography
A practical wedding - Metallic florals
Gold and black give a chic twist to table decor and a fabulous 20s vibe. IMAGE: A Practical Wedding

Adding a touch of metallic gives displays and bouquets a brilliant contrast, adding a new dimension to the design. Choosing a material to suit your colour palette and flower choices is important so it will lift your decor and give an extra sparkle to your wedding day. If you’re feeling inspired, head over to our wedding flowers and decor page, or have a closer look at incorporating rose gold into your day.

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