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Rosy Posies and more

Simple and classic, just display as many vases of roses as you can in your chosen colour palette. Then let guests take them home! Image: Quartz Weddings & Events

Roses are the quintessentially romantic flower. The most versatile bloom, there are so many colours, sizes and varieties that it is the perfect wedding flower. Elegant and striking, everyone loves a rose, and they make every bouquet and display look beautiful. If you’re after a specific colour, you can almost guarantee that there’s a rose in that hue. Here’s our pick of some favourite rose florals.

The bouquet

Whether you opt for just roses, or mix them amongst other flowers, they make such a fabulous addition to the bridal bouquet. Choose opulent, full roses, or rosebuds for tiny flower girls!

flower bouquet full size and mini 371 d112999 vert 0 962x1201 - Rosy Posies and more
Almost as if they’d been plucked straight from the rose garden a gorgeous blush rose is a fabulous boho bouquet. Image: Martha Stewart Weddings
Different Shades Of Red Red rose wedding bouquet - Rosy Posies and more
Mix your roses with dahlias and lilies as well as using different textures – this is a fabulous autumnal creation. Image: Different Shades of Red
esther david mwds108814 0159 sq 1038x1038 - Rosy Posies and more
Muted hues and pastels complement each other – and add some foliage for interest and texture. Image: Martha Stewart Weddings

The floral crown

We adore a floral crown. Make a statement with large blooms and deep green leaves, or twist vines and willow to create a simple, elegant accessory. Roses can look beautiful in styled updo’s as well as tousled styles. A cute rose behind the ear never fails!

ian joseph jones - Rosy Posies and more
Bright and bold, this crown compliments a tousled chignon perfectly. We love the combination of foliage and beautiful bursts of orange and yellow. Image: Ian Joseph Jones
c6a9d9c18f6bdcbbfb48978c594c2b7b - Rosy Posies and more
Simple, understated and elegant, this closed bud crown with classic gypsophila creates a dreamy, light addition to the beautiful bride.
7caf436d8160408ab6f2641272f9b384 - Rosy Posies and more
Twisted willow and a simple choice of two tones is so effective in this crown. Its A-symmetry means it doesn’t appear too heavy and a perfectly matching lip colour makes this one a winner!


Keep it simple or go all out, roses are so versatile they can accommodate a huge range of creations.

PhotoJan29121105AM - Rosy Posies and more
Make your day sparkle with roses everywhere and gorgeous chandeliers! Keeping the decor clean and white means you can really go to town with the flowers. Image: While Lilac Inc
d83b5b60bc7975ce8a4db02065cae654 - Rosy Posies and more
Step away from traditional pink or red and go vibrant! We adore these fun ombre rose centrepieces.
quartz weddings and events 1038x689 - Rosy Posies and more
Simple and classic, just display as many vases of roses as you can in your chosen colour palette. Then let guests take them home! Image: Quartz Weddings & Events

Arches and walls

A rose arch or floral wall is a stunning focal point to your day. If you can find a natural rose arch – walk under it! It’ll frame your beautiful photographs so elegantly. Alternatively, you can create one in keeping with your theme, or go all out and get a gorgeous rose wall.

Rose Arch 035 - Rosy Posies and more
A beautiful natural rose arch will fragrance your walk down the aisle beautifully! Image: Grosh
anna timothy vows 8737 mwds109912 vert 961x1201 - Rosy Posies and more
…Or create your own in keeping with your theme and bouquet – this one suits a boho wedding and is a perfect addition to an outdoor wedding. Image: Martha Stewart Weddings
brides9 085  large - Rosy Posies and more
Backlight floral walls to really pop once the sun goes down and the dancing shoes go on! We adore the luxury of a tightly packed floral wall. Gorgeous! Image: Mary Jane Vaughan

We don’t think there’s any flower quite as romantic as the rose, but if you’ve got your heart set on different blooms, head over to our florals page for more inspiration.

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