10 questions to ask your destination wedding planner

When it comes to planning a wedding abroad, hiring a wedding planner can alleviate some of your stress – if you choose the right person, she or he can help you make all arrangements for the special day. Brides and grooms can have often doubts about planning a destination wedding. Dream Wedding Italy replies to their frequently asked questions:

1. What services do you offer?

We offer a complete wedding service, meaning that we can help organize literally anything you desire for your stay in Italy – from transport, catering and venues for the big day itself, to excursions, beauty treatments and fun activities for you and your guests during your stay. We also offer professional advice on planning your wedding. Remember, through us you can also book your honeymoon, stag or hen night, or even just a holiday.

2. What do you charge for your services?

We are unique because we do not charge any agency fees for our venues, excursions and other services. You pay for the service you get from the supplier, nothing more.

3. Do you offer also wedding packages?

Yes, we do. We offer three different packages: Red Roses meets your basic requirements to make your day a really special one; Calla Lilies adds a touch of class and attention to detail to your special day; White Orchids is a deluxe package for those who want to pamper themselves.

4. What if I want to alter one of the packages?

Remember that the packages can be tweaked and personalized to your tastes – you just have to let us know what you require and we will do our best to oblige. It is your wedding, after all!

5. I would like to plan my wedding but don’t know where to start! Are there steps to work through?

There are basic steps to go through when planning a wedding. However, every wedding is different, and should you need a helping hand our experts are here to help.

6. Can you help me to calculate my budget?

Only you can know how much you want to spend overall, but we can help you to get the most from your money, whatever your budget.

Wedding Planners Italy
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7.  What are the legal implications of getting married in Italy?

Italy is one of the easiest countries in the world for a couple coming from overseas to have a globally recognized legal marriage. There are no residency requirements as there are for France, although the certification required varies depending on your
country of origin.

8. I have no idea what style of wedding I would like, do you have any ideas?

Of course! For inspiration and advice peruse our wedding styles and wedding location sections, and perhaps even try our fun quiz “what wedding style suits you?”.

9. Won’t my wedding be less personalized than if I plan it myself?

We at Dream Wedding believe in individuality, and see the planning of your wedding as teamwork, something to be dome with you, every step of the way. We will not stop you putting your stamp on your wedding, in fact we encourage it! A wedding in Italy can therefore be made to be uniquely you.

10. Why should I use a professional service such as DreamWeddingItaly.com?

Using our service will make things far less stressful for you, especially since you are marrying abroad. Advantages include:

– Time. Planning a wedding is incredibly time consuming, and most people have busy lives and find it hard to dedicate themselves to the matter. Our services render it possible for you to get on with your life while knowing that the planning of your big day is in safe hands.

– Expertise. We have over 25 years of experience in the field, and have a network of contacts including the best venues, caterers, florists, stylists, you name it, in the country. By finding your locations and other services through us, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your engagement.

– Support. We are here not just to help practically, but to listen. We want your wedding to be just as you want, and we can help to turn your vision into reality, so that you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams in Italy.

– Money. Believe it or not, using us can save you money. We know all of the tricks of the trade, where to save money without affecting the quality of your wedding and which suppliers provide the best value for money. Dream Wedding in particular is unique as we charge you no agency fee.

– Attention to detail. We are used to helping to plan weddings, and are aware of the need for the day to be perfect. For this reason we pay great attention to the quality of locations and suppliers used, noticing things other people might overlook in order that you are can achieve the wedding you always dreamed of.

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